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Radiant Tale is a newly announced unlocalised Japanese otome game by idea factory/otomate(オトメイト), that will release on the …


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  1. a cynical clown with Lukas voice from Ikemen Rev
    a energetic dragon with the voice of Yves from Ikemen Prince
    and a drunken furball with Yangs voice from Piofiore…YANG! holy shit this is gonna be epic >.<

    Also according to the vndb page the Prince is gonna be an LI…I wonder if he will be a secret route

  2. This looks so goooood 🙌 Ion caught my eye immediately but everyone looks rly interesting! I wonder what the jp level is going to look like hmm the fantasy aspect will prob raise the difficulty for me. Definitely future goals tho 😄 Thanks for the video, love seeing the new titles!

  3. It was so fun to watch ❤
    The game looks really charming and fairy-tailish, I hope that we'll soon find out how hard its level of japanese is 😂

  4. I really like your reviews, can you please include the name of the voice actor when you speak about them? `cuz sometimes I do know their names better rather than the LIs from other games ^.^U and I am really interested in that info. Thanks!

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