Radiant Silvergun (Nintendo Switch) | Gameplay and Talk Live Stream #414

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Look at what released today! It’s Radiant Silvergun for the Nintendo Switch. It’s been a little while since I’ve shown off this game, so let’s go ahead and do that again. I will be playing on the Switch in docked mode, using the 8bitdo Arcade Stick.

Time codes:
0:00:00 – Starting Soon
0:07:50 – Introduction
0:27:10 – Arcade Mode (Hi Res w/Effects)
1:01:00 – Arcade Mode (Low Res w/no effects)
1:28:00 – Story Mode
2:30:00 – Ikaruga Mode MIA?
2:49:00 – RSG MIA from eShop?
3:01:42 – Outro

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  1. Apparently the Ikaruga mode is still there which apparently you just have to beat Arcade Mode (Credit Feeding is allowed)

  2. Looks like some screen tearing issues in the high-res modes. Hopefully it's released on Steam soon with further fine-tuning.

  3. I can't believe they Dlisted Radiant Silvergun on Switch, what a damn bummer, can't imagine why they would do that, hopefully they get it back on there soon, excellent stream Austin, love this shmup, i could watch you play this one all day.

  4. Nice to hear the control is responsive. Still have the Saturn disc but I havent played RSG that much so far. I need to put that right.

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