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playstation 1 all best games:
Alien Resurrection (Argonaut Games)
Apocalypse (Neversoft)
Auto Destruct (Neurostone)
Azure Dreams (Konami)
Battle Hunter (Success)
Beyond the Beyond (Camelot Software Planning)
Bishi Bashi Special (Konami)
Blast Chamber (Attention To Detail)
Blast Radius (Psygnosis)
Blaster Master – Blasting Again (Sunsoft)
Boombots (The Neverhood)
Brave Fencer Musashi (Square)
Brigandine: The Legend of Forsena (Hearty Robin)
Broken Helix (Konami)
Bust-A-Groove (Metro)
C-12 Final Resistance (SCE Cambridge Studio)
Carnage Heart (Artdink)
Chaos Break (Taito)
Countdown Vampires (K2 LLC)
Crime Killer (Pixelogic)
Crisis Beat (Soft Machine)
Cyberbots: Fullmetal Madness (Capcom)
Darkstone (Delphine Software)
Destrega (Omega Force)
The Divide: Enemies Within (Radical Entertainment)
Dragon Seeds (Jaleco)
Dragon Valor (Now Production)
Einhander (Square)
Ergheiz: God Bless The Ring (Dream Factory)
Eternal Eyes (TamTam)
Evil Zone (Yuke’s Future Media Creator)
Firebugs (Attention To Detail)
Front Mission 3 (Square)
Future Cop: LAPD (EA Redwood Shores)
G-Police: Weapons of Justice (Psygnosis)
Gear Fighter Dendoh (Sunrise/Natsume)
Gekido Urban Fighters (NAPS Team)
Ghost In The Shell (Exact)
Gundam Battle Assault (Bandai/Natsume)
Herc’s Adventures (Big Ape Productions)
High Brow Gag and Pure Shooting: Harmful Park (Sky Think System)
In Cold Blood (Revolution Software)
In The Hunt (Irem)
Incredible Crisis (Polygon Magic)
Invasion From Beyond (King of the Jungle)
Invasion (Microids)
The Italian Job (Pixelogic)
Jade Cocoon: Story of the Tamamayu (Genki)
Kensei: Sacred Fist (Konami)
King’s Field (FromSoftware)
Kingsley’s Adventure (Psygnosis)
Legend of Legaia (Prokion)
Looney Tunes: Sheep Raider (Infogrames Lyon House)
LSD: The Dream Emulator (Asmik Ace Entertainment)
Micro Maniacs Racing (Codemasters)
Monkey Hero (Blam!)
Motor Toon Gran Prix (Poly’s)
N20: Nitrous Oxide (Gremlin Interactive)
Necatris: Military Madness (Hudson Soft)
No One Can Stop Mr. Domino! (Artdink)
Omega Boost (Polyphony Digital)
One Piece Mansion (Capcom)
Panzer Bandit (Fill-In-Cafe)
Poy Poy (Konami)
Rakugaki Showtime (Treasure)
Rapid Reload (Media Vision)
Return Fire (Silent Software)
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure (Nippon Ichi Software)
Robo Pit 2 (Altron/Mere Mortals)
Rosco McQueen Firefighter Extreme (Slippery Snake Studio)
Running Wild (Blue Shift Studios)
Sentinel Returns (Hookstone)
Shadow Tower (FromSoftware)
Shaolin (Polygon Magic)
Shipwreckers (Psygnosis)
Silent Bomber (CyberConnect)
Silhouette Mirage (Treasure)
Skullmonkeys (The Neverhood Inc)
Soul of the Samurai (Konami)
Speed Punks (Funcom Dublin)
Spider (Boss Game Studios)
T’ai Fu: Wrath of the Tiger (DreamWorks Interactive)
Tail Concerto (CyberConnect)
Team Buddies (Psygnosis)
Terracon (Picture House
Threads of Fate (Square)
Tiny Tank (Apaloosa Interactive/AndNow)
Trap Gunner: Countdown To Oblibion (Racdym)
The Unholy War (Toys for Bob)
Urban Chaos (Mucky Food Productions)
V2000 (Frontier Developments)
Vanark (Bit Town)
Vanguard Bandits (Human Entertainment)
Vib-ribbon (NanaOn-Sha)
Vs (Polygon Magic)
WarGames: Defcon 1 (Interactive Studios)
Warzone 2100 (Pumpkin Studios)
The Adventures of Lomax (Psygnosis)
Zero Divide (ZOOM)
forgotten #ps1 games
best ps1 games of all time


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