PowerSlave Exhumed – Team Doll Location Guide

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This video will show you where to find all thirty-one team dolls in order to unlock the “Treasure Hunter Extraordinaire” achievement in PowerSlave Exhumed. Feel free to skip around to any level using the chapters coded into the video, or by clicking on the timestamps below:

0:00 Intro
0:14 Amun Mines
0:54 Set Palace
1:34 Set Arena
3:00 Karnak
3:39 Cavern of Peril
4:15 Nile Gorge
4:52 Thoth Treasure Reliquary
5:50 Sunken Palace of Khnum
6:55 Deserted Slave Camp
7:40 Selkis Burrow
8:28 Sobek Pass
10:17 Sobek Mountain Shrine
11:05 Magma Fields
12:15 Horus Peak
12:58 Tomb of Ramses
15:01 Karnak Sanctuary
15:51 Heket Marsh
16:34 Selkis Path
17:18 Well of Souls
18:11 Canyons of Chaos
19:33 Kilmaat Colony
20:44 Kilmaat Sanctuary
21:34 Kilmaat Haunt
23:22 Tomb of Ramses (Good Ending)


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  1. One of my favourite games, it looks fantastic on the PS4! Thank you for this guide! so nice to have a mix of the PS1 and Saturn version, not played the Saturn version in years and was missing the red crabs haha. Also forgot about the weapon boost on the saturn version so was a nice nostalgia to it too. Such a shame the sequel never
    came to be.

  2. i love this game so much, and i love the devs for bringing it to us. amazing guys at nightdive. i just wish they'd remake blood for consoles. they've remade it for pc… and the version looks so good, i really wanna play it I missed that game as a kid never played it.

  3. The Amun Mines jump is torture to pull off because of the player hitbox size. I just keep hitting my head on the ceiling despite being right in the center.

  4. This helped a lot and near the end of it, I somehow triggered invisible & invincible (0 HP). I sure would like to know how I did that. The only way to undue it was collecting several full health containers. I have no clue if it's a cheat I stumbled on or a glitch but it saved and it was like this for any spot on the map. Was fun at first but soon after it took the fun out of it though it was neat doing runs over lava and inspecting enemies because they wouldn't move since they couldn't detect me. Anyway, thank you for sharing where to find those idol statues.

  5. Is there any audio or visual cue? Anything? There's an achievement for finding all of these, so did they actually expect people to go running around every level bombing every inch of geometry? Crazy

  6. The player hitbox feels a little bit too big. After some time you can handle that corresponding enemy projectiles … but the laser shit is just fucking annoying with that crap.

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