POV: Your girl only dates For Honor players

YouTube video

just waiting for Elden Ring DLC to drop

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►zan clan meme merch
►Kirin & Miro shirts and hoodies

►Music used
Thymesia OST
Odur –
Fortress –
Composer – Ben Ridge

Adrian von Ziegler
Panda Power –
Kanpai! –

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star – The Green Orbs

G I G A C H A D by Day by Dave


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  1. Raider Bot:
    Fights Zanny and doesn't die quickly
    Ruins Zanny's Healthbar
    Doesn't elaborate

  2. Anyone remember when zanny got mad about light spam. He has become Chad. He laughs at light spam

  3. I feel like tiandi players only have two moods : Fidget spinner and Kicking your balls to the 4th dimension

  4. For honor is the one game I say skill based matchmaking is actually very important. I played with my cousin and his friend who just picked the game up and I got put into lobbies with people who I think 2-5 reps max. (I’m over 280) I honestly beat everyone in the game so many times even I said ok this isn’t fair… there surprisingly is new players to this and they definitely need to be protected ahha

  5. Love how there is a massive frame gap between pc and console and it’s basically a requirement to use cross play in this game. Yay.

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