Potionomics – Official Release Date Announcement Trailer

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Potionomics launches on PC via Steam on October 17, 2022. Watch the latest trailer to see potion brewing, characters, and more from this upcoming game that is a combination deckbuilding and management simulator.

Following the untimely death of her uncle, penniless novice witch Sylvia finds herself in over her head as she becomes the new proprietor tasked with keeping his potion shop afloat. Thankfully, she won’t have to go it alone as she learns the arts of potion crafting and salesmanship. Sylvia will encounter both helpful allies and challenging adversaries as she hones her skills to make her shop THE number-one potion destination in Rafta.

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  1. Reminds me of if Potion Permit had a kid with Moonlighter, but it looks like you get to explore more and interact with clients in a more engaging manner.

  2. I love dis more mundane approach to the fantasy genre in recent year's. Really helps with word building

  3. Imagine my surprise tuning in to see where this game was in development to see that it would be released the next day.

  4. this game looks to be brimming with charm and personality. just might pick this one up when it releases

  5. Looks like a promising game that could be fun, like the cuteness of the characters and the deckbuilding component.☺

  6. God, those facial animations. Makes me wish I had the time to get back into animating.
    I've seen bits and pieces of this game on Twitter, really hope they get it off the ground, it looks amazing.

  7. Just played the demo for this and the characters' designs and personalities were a lot of fun. I normally am not into shop games/'potion' mixing or anything but it was actually really enjoyable and the humour made me laugh the whole time too. I didn't expect much going in but I was very pleasantly surprised by the quality of everything. Definitely wishlisted!

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