PlayStation fanboy MBG actually defends Sony censorship of the game Martha is dead

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  1. Talk about dramatic… Censoring a horror game just for a face being sliced off? There's no defending this, even if you want to try since this censorship'll probably carry over to FUTURE games like Mortal Kombat 12 and games like that

  2. Sony has been very censorship happy in the last 3 years developers either had to censor content from the platform version or not put their game on PlayStation because of sony's strict censorship guidelines it started with small sexual content but now its bleeding into other content and this will just force people to buy the xbox PC or switch versions over PlayStation

  3. As much as I love Playstation, I do not agree with their stupid censorship policy. It's not fair that developers have to censor their vision when the game is even rated M for mature! If TLOU 2 can show graphic and nudity than so can other games. No wonder I'm heading more towards PC.

  4. MBG sometimes has his momenents, and than he screws it all up again with dumb statements like this. It was ironic to see other gaming content creators critise him, while a lot them supported censorship (or didnt want to adress it) when it was pushed by woke fundamentalist. Same goes for people who previously stated they didnt cared, and now that it touched something they do care about got their panties in a twist. Censorship is always wrong and always will lead to more of it.

  5. I've wanted horror and looks like we got it, there's nothing to gory about the face rip off scene. The one having their face removed isn't screaming or panicking about there dead. Lol PS5 got too many children lol

  6. I tell you right now this clown was still in the Xbox community I would make sure he was removed the shit that comes out of MBG mouth it's some of the dumbest shit I've ever heard some human being ever say

  7. Yo Sony gamers you need to get MBG out of your community before he hurts things because if you don't want censorship you people need to call his ass out

  8. I've seen this dude tweets and he such a blind fanboy its unbelievable… everything sony does he praises lol literally anything

  9. Gta gives you an option to skip the torture scene. They can just do that. Video games are art and shouldn't be censored.

  10. Ahhhh good old MBG strikes again!! He is just another mouthpiece that spews utter garbage to suit his favourite piece of plastic. It's pathetic that as a grown adult he acts like a child to fuel his silly little console wars conversations with his followers who are just as bad.

  11. Sony : The family friendly company who likes to charge you $70 for games and censor indie developer games for some reason 😄

  12. If Sony didn't like the content of Martha Is Dead, why didn't they just reject the game outright if they felt this would cause trouble?

    Also, this kills my theory that Sony was censoring Japanese games as a way to get back at CERO for some double standard of how their rating boards handles western content.

  13. I had not heard of or had any interest in this game but knowing that Sony has censored it I'm actually intrigued now, Wonder if it will be on GP

  14. MBG… Crapgamer 2.0…Crapgamer Lite if you will (don’t believe in craps change of heart). In his defense he tells everyone he’s a PS fanboy so no one should be surprised at him taking this stance. What’s sad is if this topic comes up in his podcast you can guarantee a majority of his audience will agree with him on this subject…and that’s truly sad.

  15. Cutting someone's face off 👎

    Kratos ripping off someone's head and wearing it on his belt for the entire game 👍

  16. What a bunch of crap. Sony is going to tell a 3rd party developer that they have to censor their games. Yet Sony don't censor their own crap games.

  17. I literally despise that little fangirl. He and Red Dragon are the worst and that's why they both blocked me 😂

  18. Next level shit is when you are playing with you little kids next to you and suddenly a muscle lesbo starts to be taken from behind! That's next level shit right there but I'll bet he (MGB) didn't care at that time for sure!

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