Playing The New Model Building Simulator! – Model Builder Gameplay

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Hello everyone, Dapper here and today we play some Model Builder! I Hope you enjoy the video!

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  1. Sadly this looks to be identical to PC Builder simulator with all the same lock points. I'm looking forward to getting this regardless as I love models in real life, though I can see DLC Hell fast approaching as new kits will have to be introduced somehow and probably not free lol

  2. Oh wow, I built a Spitfire Mk. IX as a teen and hung it from my lightbulb.
    So many of the sprue pieces look Just The Same as they did back then

  3. Guess I am just old.. I remember building models in my youth for real.. lol. Also use to work on an HO layout with my pop … age gone by.

  4. I think the in the way thing where you can't place it, is you wouldn't just assemble anything when it's facing away from you, it wants the contact points to be in your view

  5. Ive cut my finger before with one of those diamond edge xacto blade never using them again. That car that showed up at the beginning ive built somewhat but i wish i could turn it into a job/ career

  6. I know the feeling, I've sliced my fingers plenty and had many talking skin flaps. That said, super glue does the trick without the need to visit the hospital.

  7. bro imagine building a digital model and then turning into an NFT and placing it on your virtual shelf in your virtual house where you have garage sales. Do you have tiktok?

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