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Gautami ke bina bhi same result.
Cricket game 2022
Virat Kohli as Vritira Kamdar, Rohit Sharma as Ravi Sura, KL Rahul as Kapil Ratta, Jasprit Bumrah as Jitendar Bajaj, etc.

Instagram – @Abhyudaya_Mohan & @GautamiKawale

Gaming videos edited by – Kshitij


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  1. Fun Fact : Everyone Found His Channel Randomly But Started Watching Him Regularly ❤️
    SlayyPop 🤘

  2. Me: Mom can we watch cricket in stadium
    Mom: No,we have cricket at home
    The cricket at home be like

  3. australia ki sirf ek wicket giri par wining time pe dikhaya australia won by 4 wickets 🤣🤣

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