Parody: The Quest v40 Update will Change your Life! (Real Update but Parody Enthusiasm)

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The New Quest v40 update doesn’t have all the new features we were expecting it seems we have to wait until v41. The list of features here are quality of life and some nice improvements so I thought lets make an overtly enthusiastic INSANE AMAZING VR UPDATE Video! I hope you have some good laughs.

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  1. Even though I say it at the start to reiterate cause people are thinking I am being a Shill, this video is a joke. It was supposed to be satire not me going mad over the update.

  2. Forgot to mention windows 11 support. It's about time. Only thing this update is good for.

  3. You'll have your Ambassador status revoked Steve, you'll be banned forever, Quest 2 becomes a paper weight, for dissing V40. 😃😃😃

  4. I'm still too scared to use the Quest's screen lock. I used it once, forgot the pattern and found out the method of recovering a password is broken and you have to completely reset your Quest 2 if you want to remove the lock pattern. Never again.

  5. Loved it! Must grab that update now…oh I can't very sad that the beta is full, I NEED to manage all my keyboards!

  6. I am honestly thinking of unsubscribing. You promised to not go to far into the love fest and it has been a while since you have put an honest critique of anything FB/Meta is doing. This video is a good example of going over the top in trying to sell how Meta is working for your good. They are not, they are only serving their interests.

  7. I love the enthusiasm (*Cough* sarcasm), even though most of the update is useless to many people.

  8. Sweet buttery Jesus! That is an incredible amalgam of upgrades that will forever change the way I look at my time in VR! Thank you for covering this ground breaking information. I am tripping over myself as I write this trying to run to my headset to pray that I have received this life changing collection of mundane…er…um…innovative and important modifications to my headset!

  9. Steve you just got me hyped… what an earth shaking super duper upgrade! Can I see those dancing stewardesses as well in my headset????

  10. I see you are trying some new stuff on the channel, so I might as well give some feedback. I like your beardy chinned face way better than the avatar in the last two videos, just makes me connect more personally. The new intro is kind of fun, I like it. The sarcasm in this one is fun and refreshing, though not a must for me. You can always play around with something like that if it's fun for you, no harm done.

  11. I'm of the hard of hearing variety so I'm happy there is going to be a mono audio output, wouldn't believe how much stuff you miss when developers assume you can hear everything. another option I'd like to see is lying down mode for VR, I could quite easily play 'into the radius' or Skyrim whilst chilling out in bed and if you think about it advanced level VR is going to go that way anyway . . . but for someone who is bedridden it would be life changing.

  12. Mono audio genuinely great feature – will make some games that were previously unplayable to some people become playable.

  13. Mono audio genuinely great feature – will make some games that were previously unplayable to some people playable.

  14. 😏 Another great video Steve. Love the "Oculus Update Hype parodying" ya got going on. All that we're missing is a Bible qoute 😜 lol. Good to see that handsome face and your famous tounge in cheek humor ❤️

  15. I got the update and I was able quit my job and live in a mansion!!! My wife got insane breast implants too!!! Wow!!! 😃

  16. Accessibility options are always nice for the folks who need them, seems in poor taste to lump them in with the rest of the sarcastic jokes. Still not an exciting update, but some useful additions I suppose (except maybe the keyboard thing I mean who has that many keyboards for use in VR….).

    I'll admit I'm not really feeling the jokes on this one. Though I guess this VR news drought leads to slim pickings for VR content/news heh.

  17. Are they ever going to implement the Quest 2 features (hand tracking) into the Rift home? I mean, I can somewhat understand why they kept the homes separate but they really could have done better with the transition between the two UIs.

  18. not all features are made for you 😀 i get your points, but really, for some people thats really great news 😉

  19. Every time I stretch while watching ur videos, I randomly shout "STEVE" I just want you to know that

  20. Where would the world be without you with all the new amazing information about the new update! All those new features have made my face do a huge star eyed jaw dropped smiley face. Here is one that I didn’t make earlier! 🤩 Such an amazing video, how did you fit all the new features in?? Give this man a medal! 🥇

  21. I didn't catch it was supposed to be funny 🙂 Throughout the video I've been wondering why you're pissed off. Generally Oculus (Meta) people doing amazing job of updating Quest so often and giving us more and more interesing new features.

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