One's Justice 2 Kurogiri Gameplay

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My hero academia fans! We finally get to see some ones justice 2 kurogiri gameplay! Kurogiri is definitely a weird character to play with but he came out as a nice dlc character! Of course the dlc will be showing up on ps4 and switch so just be patient! Kurogiri dlc should be here in the next day or two! What you guys think of this kurogiri gameplay!?? #MyHeroOnesJustice2 #Kurogiri #Anime #Season2 #FightingGame #AnimeGame #MHOJ2 #Dabi #Todoroki #ToyaTodoroki


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  1. I DON'T CARE HOW GOOD HE IS I HAVE BEEN ASKING FOR THIS MAN SINCE THE ONES JUSTICE 2 WAS HINTED AT. But his plus ultra 2 should have gone like this: kurogiri walks toward opponent, opponent runs to punch him kuro hides his body using his quirk like he does in show and then hits them with their own punch, then maybe does something similar to how he was going to kill All Might. My point is it would have been so cool to see him hid his entire body using his quirk like he did in the show. And a cool portal counter would have been cool.

  2. I’m glad kurogiri got in but just to put it out there miruko and ryuko would both be pretty good characters for this game and instead of turning into a full body dragon all the time ryuko can switch her body parts to match those of her dragon form and she can use her full dragon form as her ultimate plus ultra move
    And one more thing before anybody goes on assuming things I AM NOT A SIMP FOR THESE TWO

  3. Why are they still make characters? This game is dead nobody plays it online .. i just played yesterday i found no one to play with

  4. Bandai Namco's They are scoundrels even though Kurogiri has come out they have not been able to repair the game servers of My Hero One Justice 2 Nintendo Switch version when I play it does not save me anything

  5. I'm Sad MT Lady Is In Ultra Rumble But Not One's Justice 2 😢 Hell The Invisible Girl Has More Of A Chance Then MT Lady 🤔😢

  6. His bnb ground combo is AA,TA,TQ1,AAA,Q1,J.A,JC.A then land,J.A, JC.A, Dash, J.A, TQ2, TQ2 idk about Air if you want a demo watch globoku’s video

  7. Kurogiri in the anime: I'm a Nomu with a Portal Quirk and I'm only protecting the Young Master

    Kurogiri in the game: I had enough 1v1 me

  8. Would've been crazy of Kurogiri's Plus Ultra 2 was the brutal death he planned to use on All Might

  9. Ok but who asked for this man🤣💀. I hope mt lady or mirko are next cuz season 6 is around the corner and there big roles. That’s what dlc is. Upcoming prominent popular characters. Kurogiri should have been oj1, waste of slot imo

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