ONE HIT KILL? New TREBUCHET 7.9 Buff War Robots Mk3 Update Gameplay WR

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War Robots 7.9 Gameplay: New Trebuchet Buff: One Hit Kill? WR Update
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  1. Vc perdeu muito tempo esperando o erebus aparecer amigo, nesse meio tempo eu estaria ajudando os amigos do seu lado que estavam apanhando!!

  2. Me to literally any erebus today. "See that's an erebus he has an energy shield but I have a shieldbreaker ready" (I am using 2x Gauss Jaeger)

  3. The part that behemoth can walk, makes it SIGHTLY balanced with the meta, but what about the very old bots

  4. I remember one video where they showed us the invader robot that was a literally like a spider 🕷️🤖

  5. honestly this looks like so much fun to do XD its just very expensive and not strong enough in beacon rush otherwise I would definately make one of these builds! curious how 4x Gauss would do?

  6. The behemoth has had that bug for ages anything close range and weapons have to aim down to its feet and it doesn't inflict damage, I get my MK3 behemoth backside kicked by scorpions and Ravana because when they get close it won't let me deal damage even with 4 smuta

  7. You used to run a glory Corona fenrir, you should try it out again after they're recent buff.

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