On the Edge of my Seat! | Jackbox | Full Stream from Feb 5th, 2022

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Jeremy plays some Jackbox with his friends to have some fun!

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Who’s in this video?
Chilled –
Cheesy –
Junk –
Courtilly –
Platy –


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  1. 53:18 I searched for what sound a Fisher Cat made and the sound of it started playing right as Jeremy made his impersonation and I had to laugh at just how accurate he was.

  2. ~@1:50:00 After Cheesy's first two clues I went "Yeah, it's probably T. Rex", but every clue after that made me think I was wrong. Then started thinking alligators/crocodiles. Cheesy's hints actually made it harder.

  3. If only the group knew what Stonehenge was in the Artemis Fowl novels, they'd be laughing their asses off. It's a pizza place to the Lower Elements

  4. For those curious: Sunlight as a deadly weakness for vampires comes mostly from the film Nosferatu, as they director wanted to try to avoid using the same method of death as the novel Dracula, which Nosferatu was essentially an adaptation of without the permission of Stoker's estate.

  5. God I love Talking Points. My favorite Jackbox game bar none, shame about the disconnect I would've wanted to see the comments.

  6. …I did not think Eiffel Tower would be Court.
    Like she's can be a freak, I get that… but it's a sex thing, and based on Cheesy's stories… I think Chilled was right to assign Eiffel Tower to Cheesy

  7. What’s funny is about the T. rex thing and cheesy at I believe 1:54:00 is that the first fossil of a T. rex was found in Montana not in Egypt so he may be a bit off there 😁 but we love cheesy anyway

  8. ive found with blather round-depending on your guesses, the next prompts are based on the guesses. i always do broadway shows as my guesses and the prompts later are always broadway related. or i always put jesus as my first guess and it does biblical prompts.

  9. Platy going crazy with the lizard person picture had me rolling

    Chilled with the incredible "I thought we took his drugs away!"

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