OlliOlli World Review

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Reviewed by Cam Shea on PC. Also available on PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch.

“Radlandia may seem like an offbeat location for a skating game, but in reality it’s a wonderfully eclectic reflection of what OlliOlli World itself is trying to be. In this vibrant place, skating is an obsession and an escape, whether you’re wall-riding through a forest or grinding across an incredibly industrial factoryscape. Its gameplay has enough depth to challenge hardcore players to master its level-long combos, but it’s also a smooth and exciting ride for novices, backed by characters that are quirky and passionate. These elements ring true in every facet of its design, from the more forgiving approach to basic gameplay through to the new mechanics and refinements that make the skill ceiling higher than ever. OlliOlli World is a fantastic evolution of what was already an outstanding skating series.”


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  1. Just picked this game up last night. Been having some fun with it, though on Switch it's definitely having trouble keeping up with the animations. Maybe there can be an update in the future to optimize the animations of the characters.

  2. If you're over 25 and your prefrontal cortex has been fully developed, there is no reason to direct your attention to this game. It's just more of the same…

  3. Is this the first 9/10 score for a game this year? 2022 is gunna be an awesome year for gamers man I’m excited

  4. How are we supposed to do this ???? Pokémon , dying light , lost ark , olli olli world , sifu , horizon 2 …….. I can keep going ! What is happening this winter / spring 2022

  5. Trailer had me like :0
    First glance at gameplay :/
    Longer look at gameplay and how tricks are done 😀
    This looks sick.

  6. I'm sold. Roll7 have crossed a 2D Sonic game with Celeste's difficulty balancing and character sound effects, Adventure Time's character design, Jet Set Radio's Cel Shading Style, with music tracks and level design on par with the classics and a "WOOOOOW!" reaction to the best jumps from games like the underappreciated Alto's Odyssey. Great work! This series is the Skateboard equivalent to Trials Fusion. It's just…Fun! And you didn't even mention the 2 upcoming DLCs (Fall 2022).

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