OlliOlli World | Review in 3 Minutes

YouTube video

KC Nwosu reviews OlliOlli World, developed by Roll7. Read KC’s extended thoughts on OlliOlli World here:

OlliOlli World on Steam:

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  1. Why is this game getting so much attention compare to the previous entry I rmb the 2nd one being poorly received

  2. Started playing last night on Switch, and I'm really enjoying it. It's a small thing but the ability to skip all the story dialog by a simple B input is neat.

  3. Never really been into skateboarding games but I hope this comes to Game Pass sometime, love the art style and vibe

  4. I really like that they have made a game that will be possible for younger/newer players to complete while also allowing those who want to excel a reward for doing so. This is very good design.

  5. Honestly, sounds pretty fun! Never heard of the series so I might check it out.

    Thank you for the review, KC!

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