OlliOlli World – Official Cinematic Trailer – Nintendo Switch

YouTube video

Explore the skateboarding utopia Radlandia, in this hand drawn cinematic trailer for OlliOlli World, coming to Nintendo Switch February 8th, 2022!

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  1. This looks like such a fun world and I really want to see more of it.
    Games, TV, movies, comics; I really don't mind what form it's in because this trailer made me happy 🙂

  2. Can I just say i would love to see a TV series about this more then a game? Like…, yea, everyone seems to agree. Its Adventure Time x Rocket Power and I'd be SO down to see a toon series the characters, the designs, setting, the expressions. I love em all!. 😀

  3. Everyone in the comments talking about how good the animation is
    It giving if adventure time vibes
    Them wanting it to be a series

    Me wandering what the fuss the frog was carrying in the briefcase 🤔

  4. I'm reserving my final judgement for when I buy and play it, but man is this art style lame. It just feels like a generic mashup of most of the cartoons from the last decade. I like the original games' simplistic yet charming appearance, this just feels like a ploy for mainstream attention. Plus the in-game visuals look rough, a side effect of switching to 3D I'm guessing. Hopefully the gameplay is still really good, the new mechanics look really fun

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