OlliOlli World – Launch Trailer – Nintendo Switch

YouTube video

Grab your skateboard and flow through the vibrant world of Radlandia! OlliOlli World is out now on Nintendo Switch.

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  1. I've played quite a bit of Olli Olli and Olli Olli 2. I love it. I will be getting this as soon as possible

  2. It's the complete Mario and sonic at the beijing 2022 olympic winter games future gaming events nintendo direct available now on nintendo switch and nintendo eshop

  3. This game is STUNNING! Got an early copy from the devs, then went and bought the Rad Edition on both Switch and PS5 just because the devs deserve to be paid for their hard work on this incredible game!

  4. Looks okay, not as cool as 2. Guess its going in a more casual direction?

    Better be good for 40$, or 60$ (canadian) for the "rad edition" Yea I'm not getting this

  5. Incredible game with awful controls implemented. If it had an alternate scheme with Tony Hawk pro skater like inputs, it would’ve been a 10/10 game for me. I have totally given up on it after struggling for hours on end

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