OlliOlli World is the BEST Skate Game to release in a LONG TIME

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There’s a lot of things I love about the newly released OlliOlli World. From the character customization, to the art style, to the level- …


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  1. The game looks great and i want to get it but there is one problem: no physical release. I got the other olliolli games physically via the olliolli epic combo edition for ps4, so seeing thst there is no physical release for this game is a bit dissapointing….

  2. This my first skate game ever and honestly is so freaking amazing, I'm having so much fun. And its a first game i ever pre-order, when i saw your videos and IGN ones i knew i would love this ones!

    Also love how th seasonal league works 🙂

  3. I was having a lot of fun until I got to Sketchside, I only move on once I have done everything and I only need the gold score in The Brickyard and it's literally impossible, spend an hour getting 1 decent attempt at combining this like 7 minute loop only to bail on the stairs at the end because the firecracker doesn't work, so demoralising and is making me hate the game. Spent 6 hours trying to do it and had to stop because my hands were cramping, the difficulty is stupid and not fun at all.

  4. Love the OlliOlli series, the sounds they use are amazing, they did a really good psuedo documentary for their game Not A Hero in which they talk about OlliOlli too a few years back, Roll7 have great humour and a good team.

  5. the only 2 things i would love to see in this game, multiplayer and everytime you run a set or missions or something like that, your boards gets scratched up abit for some progress <3 other than those 2 things i still love this game. also that board graphic is awesome. love the the colors on it.

  6. It looks and sounds amazing, but it's even better. I'm amazed how it's not getting more attention, even when all the reviews are so good.

  7. this released at midnight last night.. I pre-ordered it at 11:45pm. planning on playing this till the session update next week 🙂

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