OlliOlli World is addictive (30-minute gameplay)

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OlliOlli World was released earlier this week so we wanted to share 30-minutes of our time with the game. Join Evan as he skates “just one more” for the rest of his life.

* Roll7 provided us with a code and early access to this game.

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  1. Hey all, let me know if you want to see more long-form gameplay videos on the channel like this one or if we should stick to the short stuff. Just trying some new things out so happy to get your feedback.

    I also wanted to clear something up I said in the beginning of the video. OlliOlli World is a pretty great skateboarding game but if that’s not your thing and you are looking for another reason for why it might appeal to you – it might help to think of it more as a runner or technical platformers like Super Meatboy or Celeste. It has the same “just one more” feeling you get from those games as you can probably tell by the end of the video.

    Anyways big thanks to everyone for watching and for your continued support.

  2. I say keep bringing these, you probably have to play the game already for another piece anyways why not putting it out there.
    Personally I was interested on OlliOlli and this video made me pull the trigger just now! One think though, I’m not sure if I missed it or what but I wasn’t sure what platform you were playing it on (is it even on anything else besides switch anyways?)
    Keep experimenting with all kinds of videos man, (as long as views don’t get too sacrificed I guess haha)!

  3. When I first downloaded the first Olli Olli I also had another game downloaded and it always made me chuckle when I saw them next to each other, because nothing ever came between them, almost like it was made to be that way in Game Pass for a while, since I kept and still keep a ton of games downloaded to my console, for the sake of cleverness or amusing gamers. The other game was Oxenfree, which I had downloaded and kept in my library for the LONGEST time before I played it and ultimately was soooooo sad I had never touched! Amazing games! Back to Olli Olli though… One of the toughest games ever to 100%… 2… forget it… Games I'll just play for fun and never just to attempt being a completionist, considering I'm in the top 1,500 recorded to TrueAchievements and have Golden Godded Super Meat Boy. This looks amazing comparatively to the originals! Seems that community was pretty strong around the first 2 to make this one a worthy follow-up! Happy to see it and that it's worth making a video like this to sell it.

  4. Long form gameplay is good. I see that you have a million subs but audience participation is equivalent to a 100K subbed channel. Needs more audience retention and be more viewer centric. Pushing out the personality of the newscasters and allowing them to communicate more with the audience is working. Gotta keep that up!

  5. I think if you go the "varied" content route for this channel, it would be a good idea to have set schedules, like a specific day of the week, for them as you find out what works and what doesn't. This way people know what to expect and not have a Buzzfeed type of experience where you would never know what they would post… Happy you two have more creative freedom for this channel and can do stuff like this.

  6. I'm not sure how i feel about lets plays on this channel since i mostly stay here for news, but i do want to see where this goes

    Even if this feel kinda amuter compared to this channel back in its prime lol

    But again, not a bad thing

  7. I'm down for more content like this. I'm probably going to buy this soon because of this video 😅 looks fun and the right kind of challenging

  8. This feels like an uncut and unfiltered before you buy type of video and I'm here for it. This could synergize seamlessly to Brian's 5 second review.

  9. I think you should go with whatever content you can think of. I think most people enjoy the personality of the channel & the people presenting it, so just more content regardless will be good 👍

  10. I'm down for something a little different. Let's see. Hadn't even heard of this game. I'll listen and watch while doing my dailies

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