Official Launch Trailer – Life is Strange: Remastered Collection [ESRB]

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Return to Arcadia Bay and experience two award-winning Life is Strange games like never before! Remastered visuals and …


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  1. In some ways it looks good, but I prefer the original. I'd rather see effort into making a follow up to the events of after the storm, seems like there was more to run with there people would have been interested in seeing depending on how they played the game, continue where they left off with either saving arcadia after or after saving chloe.

  2. Never got around to playing these sorta games so playing this will be a new experience for me , hopefully this game has a good story with likeable characters.

  3. i Cry😭 alot When Kate jump in Building at School & Max tried tO Save Kate! 🥺😭😭😭😭😭😭
    i Was Sad a Week!!!!🥺

  4. do not remove the original game from sale, as the developers did with GTA, I like it more than the remaster

  5. This is a good things happen in 2022 but please these are old memories which bringing tears. I actually never cry playing games But I cant stop doing that since we know the truth about Rachel, the episode after that and before the storm. The music itself is triggering tears 😢

  6. Aaaaahh, es tan bonito el sentimiento que tengo ahora mismo al ver esto♡ recuerdo la primera vez que jugué este juego, cambio mi vida totalmente

  7. Hey life is strange team thank you for make the best 2 games the world has ever seen. I'm playing the game right now and the only thing I see wrong with it is during before the storm chloe is dying her hair blue it doesn't show up on her classic chloe out fit with her hat. is that a bug or a glitch. Its not colored for me it
    brown not the blue bang

  8. i really like the game but its kinda a joke of a remaster. for anyone that hasnt played it yet okay get it. but you really have to be obsessed with it to justify this upgrade purachase. maybe in a direct comparison pixel peeking you can make clear visual differences and maybe the consoles benefit more from this "remaster" but for me who played the game on pc maxed out its barely any difference noticeable

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