Official Cutscene Comparison – Life is Strange: Remastered Collection (Chloe's Bedroom Scene)

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  1. Why are people so surprised about how bad it looks? Deck Nine/ Dontnod never put any effort behind the games in the first place.

  2. Im so glad they changed it from the initial remaster version, looks very good! The emotions are much more visible! To each their own of course but i'm happy with this 🙂

  3. I thought they would've at least reworked it to be visually on par with True Colors, but I still love this game. Only reason I'm buying it is because I never had a physical copy.

  4. it feels more like they completely fucked up the original style of the hair, honestly the entire remaster feels more like a shitty attempt to make it look better but you end up ruining the entire thing in the process

  5. I love these games and I'm excited to play them again, but I think I might like the original graphics better? I could just be crazy and nostalgic, but I kinda like the color and tones of the original more. But we'll see, still looking forward to playing it

  6. I love the whole life is strange franchise so I was very much looking forward to this but I am getting this … sinking feeling… like its Ghostbusters: The Game Remastered all over again.

  7. there's a few minor texture and shadow improvements, but other then that its like they just increased the contrast and decreased the brightness. Was half expecting LIS 3 levels of quality considering this is meant to be a REMAKE.

  8. NICE!!!! I love the first 2 games! Just lis2 made me loose trust in the series. But the adventure of max and Chloe (and the prequel with Chloe and amber) is always very special to me

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