Ninten & Ness Join The Fight! – EarthBound Zero/Mother Crossover – Don't Starve Together Guide [MOD]

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“The Worst Days With End. The Best Days With End. Remember That.” – Earthbound Beginnings Ninten …


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  1. Hello Beard! I'm one of the developers for the Ninten mod and I want to thank you for the showcase! I think we'll buff the passive sanity gain to clothing items as you suggested. Also, the bug noted at 4:25 is indeed a bug, however I've not been able to reproduce it at the present moment. Ninten shouldn't enter a state of grogginess and his speed slowed until he has a full-blown asthma attack. Once it's treated with an inhaler said state should go away. My initial guess is the mod attempts to start an asthma attack and so it sets him to be groggy, but the periodic task that handles the actual asthma attack (coughing lines, dealing damage to Ninten) doesn't get set or called for whatever reason. I'll have to review the code but for now I don't know why that might be happening. Nevertheless, again thank you so so much for the showcase!

  2. There was so much potential for Ness to be a really cool character, like adding in the SMAAAAAASH mechanic or their fast travel system.
    It's been a while since I've seen a playthrough of Earthbound but I have no idea where the gain from killing enemies even comes from besides the basic gaining exp.
    They could have even made the health system more like Earthbound, where maybe they take more damage, but all their damage taken is gradual.

  3. While I do think the Ninten mod is amazing, the Ness mod is a bit strange in comparison. I've never been one for identifying balance issues so I don't put my opinion on that out there too much, but what I can say is Ness feels way too violent. He's like, 12, and I might have to check again but his bat has blood on it and nails through it, he gains sanity from attacking, and shouts "die" when fighting. As long as I'm remembering correctly Ness in Earthbound is always described as a "nice, gentle boy" so it feels very out of place to see him so violent.

  4. This is a cool mod, however Ness…. isn't really my cup of tea.
    While Ninten has decently thought out mechanics and the creator tries to balance him out, Ness just has no downsides, or a better way of describing him is he's "Not thought out."
    He doesn't really have anything that unique about him, and what he does is pretty damn op.
    While Ninten feels like more of an official Don't Starve character, Ness feels like one put in for the sake of it, the voicelines are a good example, with Ninten having his Ocarina, and Ness just having a Mother 3 enemy sound effect.
    But that's just my opinion.

  5. Maybe for balancing reasons. Ness should spawn with the cracked bat he has when starting the game instead. And power up his bat over time

  6. Makes sense how most PSI options cost sanity. PSI abilities are psychic in nature, even requiring "PP" to cast, so a sanity toll is a great way to reference it and place a restraint.

  7. 0:33 actually earthbound and earthbound zero take place in different universes because zero takes place in north america and earthbound takes place in multiple continents but there doesn't seem to be a real continent. these had different names, but i forgot them.
    also ninten's shield's animation and sound are taken from mother 3 actually, same for the powershield. except the latter uses the psi counter animation and sound.
    also ness's voice sounds like an attack sound also from mother 3 which i think was used by the mechanical moles
    oh wait i think ninten's voice is also an attack sound from mother 3

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