NEXT-GEN Cyberpunk 2077 Gameplay – BIG BOY PATCH 1.5 | Live Stream

YouTube video

The BIGGEST patch for Cyberpunk 2077 yet. 14 months later. Let’s check it out.


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  1. They need to make the dlc free since the game was a flip basically. If I start it up on Xbox it's an empty game with two pedestrians and three cars on the road and no loot laying around

  2. Done the 1.5 PS5 patch but still not letting me buy a apartments haven’t got the link on V’s laptop and out of the prologue? Can anybody help?

  3. Only just managed to play the latest patch next gen update on the ps5 have to say fairly decent. Didn’t even have to port over my PS4 saved days either or a full install

  4. This game is still a joke… I installed the last one, shadows glitched out BIG TIME!! I don't want to even play it anymore… The nude patch for the girl's vagina is about it…

  5. It's still gets me mad that greed made them rush it and mislead people.this game deserved time, the ideas behind it were great.

  6. I've put over 400 hours into this game. My opinion is that it's got the framework to dive deeper into something really fun but it is too shallow of a game to fulfill on its potential

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