New Steam Games – Tuesday February 15 2022

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Links to games and timestamps:
0:00 Intro
0:04 Draft Day Sports: College Football 2022 –
0:24 Yotsume God -Reunion- –
0:44 Spelldrifter –
1:04 Liberte –
1:24 Nimbus INFINITY –
1:44 Super Dungeon Maker –
2:04 Shadow Madness –
2:24 Dealer’s Life 2 –
2:44 Surface: Strings of Fate Collector’s Edition –
3:04 AlCHeMoS –
3:44 Arctico –
4:04 The WILDS –
4:24 Drawize – Draw and Guess –
4:44 Goblin Town –
5:04 Entodrive –
5:24 Kamikaze Veggies –
5:44 Holy Purge –
6:04 Crown of Pain –
6:24 VR Return to the Middle Ages: Fully Interactive –
6:44 Burger Patrol –
7:04 Might of the Stones –
7:24 Anime Gas Station –
7:44 Pick The Lock –
8:04 Hacker Simulator: Free Trial –
8:24 Coins Invaders –
8:44 The Mystery Fountain in Space –
9:04 Outro

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