New RPG News – Former PSX Exclusive RPG Shadow Madness Coming To PC!! (But Why???)

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  1. I thought the music and dialogue was good enough. Game had some great ambience but yeah, it wasn't exactly fun to play. I think I would have been more excited for a jade cocoon port. Maybe the modding community can grab this game and rebalance it and you know, make it fun to play lol

  2. I absolutely loved the story and dialogue in this game and honestly I’m pretty excited for it. Though I do with it was getting a better port so maybe it could eventually be modded to fix some of the many problems. I feel like the world that was created and the atmosphere were just really special . It’s not a great game, but I think it’s fully worth it for the story if only the rest of the game matched , it I’m definitely gonna delete my iso of this and buy it on Tuesday. There will be death.

  3. If the game was so bad, who in the right mind decided to release it on steam, and who the heck would play this game!?

    put the game on wishlist
    ….you saw…nothing 🤫

  4. Oh my god, your community is so loving and supportive ❤️ This might be the least toxic gaming channel comments section I’ve seen in a long time.

  5. Cmon David shadow madness wasn’t the worst. As it bad sure but the story was average. Everything else was meh

  6. I actually have a copy. Got it for maybe 5 dollars. Played it after FF7 and stopped quickly. It felt incomplete.

  7. Dude, this game was not terrible. This was a fantastic game, at least I have very fond memories of it. I’m super excited for it to come out.

  8. Great video again David!, This means very good news because there is a plethora of JRPG ips that have been forgotten by everyone that could be rescued from the dead clutches of extinct companies, like Soleil, which Sega never includes in Mega Drive game collections, for heaven's sake Sega!

  9. I think I would buy Shadow Madness for my 90s PSX collection in original physical form, never cared about 'digital only' releases. Banzai!

  10. Never played this one but was always curious because I can't name too many JRPGs that star a pirate. And then I've learned it isn't a pirate themed JRPG…so WHY is the lead dressed like one?!

  11. Yooooooo! I loved Shadow Madness, but who could blame me, look at the list of JRPG's that WEREN'T released in Germany. Beggars can't be choosers…

  12. God yes, we still need that Xenogears port or something! How Square hasn't ported or remastered Xenogears is beyond me. The only reason I can think of is out of respect for Monolith Soft? Just give them the IP back then.

  13. Shadow Madness? Really? What's next, a Faria reboot?

    Oh well, at least the disc switching problem gets solved by default

  14. The way I see this, if this does even remotely well, we could get more RPGs ported.
    And possibly eventually to consoles.
    I have no way to prove this, but there might be merit in supporting this, but that is purely speculation on my part, I have nothing to back this up.

  15. I assume the devs must've pushed for a re-release. Whether it was good or not, it was still someone's passion project and I can relate to that lol. 🙂

  16. I loved Shadow Madness.
    It had generic combat, but that's most of the criticism I have for this game.

    The story, characters and dialogue were magnificent. The world building was among the best of any game of its time, with each environment feeling unique and fun. The sea of trees was fun, the underworld was a delight to explore, and everything Harv-5 said or did was a treat. I laughed so hard seeing him scare the young boy in the beginning of the game when he said he was a child murderer. Lockpicking was a great mini game, and I've yet to see such a thing recreated with the charm Shadow Madness put into it.

    I have my original copy of this game and still play it occasionally, but it's nice to see this game preserved. Maybe they'll add a little extra to the game. It's short and fun, give it a try and prepare to laugh. 🙂

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