New Nintendo Switch game! Yeah Yeah Beebiss II Trailer Reaction

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  1. I was looking on the eshop and saw this game and was like, "wait a minute, isn't this the game John Riggs was playing on stream before?" Then I googled then game and this video came up. Very cool.

  2. Don't do strictly limited it'll take a year to get the physical don't do super rare because they only want to do a small batch. Just use limited run games so everyone gets a copy. Let us know when it's a go and I will order a physical but I wobut I will not do super rare or strictly limited anymore

  3. Hey Riggs I found your channel last week while healing from covid so since I had alot of time on my hands I've binged watch alot of your videos.. I love your channel and you seem like a very genuine good dude.. This game looks awesome my one question is is this game 2 player co-op on the nes or switch? I def wana get it

  4. Whoa this is awesome! Sweet trailer too. But I'm gonna need you to port it to the PC Engine plz. K thx~ 😛
    But seriously though, this is awesome! I'll have to check it out. Great job sirrrr 😃

  5. I've made it a tradition to watch a couple of your videos every Friday evening (Guess it's the start of the weekend nostalgia kicking in) for the past year and just realized that I wasn't even subscribed (so sorry, but rectified it just now). Your game looks great; can't wait to pick it up. Keep up the good work; wishing you the upmost success. 😀

  6. This game looks like a lot of good retro fun!
    Hearing that kind of old 8-bit music always puts a smile on my face 🙂

  7. Totally Rad, dude. Kudos and congrats 🎊
    I work as contractor producing games for really small 3rd partys, but nothing is mine to fell proud. I hope some day I release my own baby to the world like you. Really inspiring, thanks!

  8. Wow amazing! Congratulations, it would be my dream to get a game on the switch! I’d love to see more NES homebrews in the eshop!

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