New Homebrew for Dreamcast, NES, & Switch: Yeah Yeah Beebiss II

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In this classic 2 player arcade style game it is your quest to banish evil. Spanning 10 levels with a boss fight at the end, take a look at the follow up to a game that never existed!
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Switch code and NES game provided by John Riggs
Dreamcast games provided by Wave Game Studios

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  1. IMO this looks lame especially for a dreamcast game… now take an indie game like Slain back from hell or Valfaris as a conversion would be awesome.

  2. Good game. Think I'm going to do a review on it as well. My son and I made it to about level 46 before stopping. Once you get the patterns down and level layouts its very easy. I'd like to have seen the game become more difficult and more enemies etc. If he makes Yeah yeah Beebiss 3 I'll def get it. The game is a lot of fun it only becomes a bit repetitive once you get good at it.

  3. This may be a stupid question, but how can you have a sequel to a game that never existed? Anyway, it looks like a great game. I wonder if the prequel will ever exist? Sadly, I own neither a Dreamcast, Switch or an NES, so I cannot play this (unless John does a digital download of this that I can run on an emulator.) Thanks again, John, for the video.

  4. It's brilliant that we can get brand new games for our old NES consoles in 2022. Massive respect for the awesome humans who created this.
    I've yet to try it, but I'll buy a copy. Supporting the folks who created this is important and I hope they continue to do more. Just brilliant. ❤️

  5. You deserve more subs. I've been watching for a long time and I genuinely think you're the most knowledgeable video game collector on YouTube. Best regards good sir. I like the Mozart rondo ala turka music. It's smart to use public domain classical music from the world's greatest composers.

  6. I've got the NES version, and I'm thrilled to have it. John's a great guy, and I was happy to support his work – and talk about a bonus that the game is really fun, too! Can't wait to grab the DreamCast version as well as the Switch version when it releases!

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