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💙 Life is Strange Remastered vs Original Part 2 💙

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  1. The scenes from Chloe's bedroom look awesome. The bathroom scene…that's where Chloe's eyes seem unnecessarily big. But Nathan's expressions are excellent, I think generally the face mocap has done a lot of positive changes. What I don't understand is why is everyone in the Remaster so pale – they removed the lively, pink shade from Max's hands. And yeah, like people commented below, I don't get those white, rubbery teeth. Those should be more realistic. But who knows how will it look on the actual consoles. So far I feel like they've delivered what was promised. The thing is, it'll never please everyone. And some people's comments feel like they were pre-determined to hate on the Remaster, regardless of how it would look like.

  2. The textures on the hair look nicer, and there are some fun touches like tear streaks or Max's hair falling toward the sink when she's washing her face, but mostly it just seems like they made Max and Chloe's faces more generic and don't let them emote as much /:

  3. as much as the remastered version is an improvement overall, I just can't help but like the original better, it's impefections and flaws are so nostalgic lmao. just preference I guess

  4. Why did they add more mascara on max? Made her cheeks bigger too. This is the same studio that created Automata and FFXV.

    Hard to say but when it comes to fighting mechanics and making the character look more realistic, Square is just square.

  5. i'm just gonna ignore how this is a total cash grab and say wow, they really do look good. i hope they changed some other things in the game that makes it unique

  6. They didn’t remaster the main issue which was the animation. It was more likely motion capture. Either way it did look janky most of the Time. The updated graphics are nice, but they don’t hide the other clear issues.

  7. Whenever i hear LIS ost. My legs feel weak and my body doesn't want to move. Their choice of music wraps my mind with confusion, and anemoia. My heart feels tight so much it hurts..

    This game is a masterpiece, i don't want that to change.

  8. Original looks better I've seen this game before I plan on playing it the remaster looks like shit compared to the original I think there is actually less detail in the remaster fuck me

  9. It just looks like they take turns looking better and worse. Plus making a scene darker doesn't look more realistic or ground, it just looks like you're trying to hide flaws or you couldn't be bother relighting a scene.

  10. I appreciate that they actually look like they're looking at things and eachother. But the darkening really ruins the whole thing for me. You could literally not even see max's face when she took a pic of that butterfly.

  11. I don't know, I prefer the old version, it's just Max who doesn't drive me crazy in the face, then another thing I noticed is that the colors seem to have a darker tone, and honestly I prefer those brighter colors than the old version , the remastered I would take it only because Life is Strange 1 is one of my favorite games, but otherwise it is a remastered “meh”

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