New Features: The Sims 4 Wedding Stories Game Pack Livestream Summary

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The Sims 4 My Wedding Stories is a new Game Pack coming February 17, 2022. I’ve summarized the EA Livestream of its new gameplay features to save you some time.

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  1. I purchased the game and it has slowed it to where it’s not even worth playing. It freezes constantly. It takes forever to travel from world to world. Is there a mod to help? If not, how do I uninstall the game? All I’ve done is move a Sim into a starter house. This makes it unplayable. I wouldn’t recommend purchasing it. Bid like my money returned. 🤬

  2. Almost all of this can be emulated with basegame. Throw a regular party for the wedding (there aren't any specific rewards in this pack anyways), or the other events, use basegame wedding arch, use basegame wedding cake, use basegame toast, basegame dance, use basegame clothes for wedding. Theres not much NEW content except the flowergirl, the slowdance, walking down/up the isle…and that's about it (who cares about the topper).
    edit: also why do they look so stupid when exchanging vows?? Why do the animations look so goofy, isn't romantic at all

  3. There is so much stuff they could add to the Sims 4. A proper band/music pack that ties into Get Famous and a school pack where you can follow the kids to school instead of having them vanish into a rabbit hole each day are two that spring to mind… But how do EA decide to add to the game? With a wedding pack. It's not like you can't get married in the game already… This is like taking Dine Out and creating a paid add-on that adds burger vans that you can park on street corners. Completely pointless.

  4. Ive been skeptical since the teaser showed Wedding themes for a Game Pack.. How much more will EA squeeze this cash cow sigh

  5. Haven't touched The Sims in over a year or so now, only watch your vids to stay up to date on the new packs etc,. … sad to see they are more or less on the same course.

  6. Carl please fix the issue where sims do not all come together to celebrate the birthday sim like in sims 2 and 3

  7. I, for one, welcome my microtransactioning overlords. I am so glad that basic wedding customization has been added to something I can pay what I already know will be too much for.

    The cakes are pretty, the ability to choose your own party activities is nice, and the world is pretty, and that’s it. Imagine if this had all been included with Island Living or the country pack or something where you could be all “destination wedding!” But obviously we can’t be giving our customers a good deal or anything.

  8. Honestly, I like the idea of making parties a bit more like holidays, with user-chosen activities — too bad it seems to be wedding-specific and not a base game update. I kinda like the idea of the pack, and the world is pretty, but — waggles hand I'll let it sit for a little bit, methinks.

  9. I haven’t played sims 4 since cottage living came out. I bought the pack played for a hour then went back to real life. Im just waiting for the day sims fix the AI & add more gameplay. Until then Ill just watch videos like this

  10. So much MEH. It's like a bomb filled with wet confetti-I mean sure it's better than getting blown up but still unexciting and disappointing.

  11. I'm so dissappointed, I wanted more solid romance gameplay since the game came out but we get NONE. Remember when Sims 3 packs came with new kiss animations and interactions? Almost feel like learning coding and animation in blender just to pep this game up jfc 😂

  12. Sigh…..I sorta knew that there's nothing new with this one instead of showing the gameplay they show us the story that will never happen

  13. In the Sims 2, in Veronaville, one of the "pre-made" events starts you off in a party in full swing, with 5+ people present. The wants encourage you to marry two sims, Titania and Oberon, using the wedding arch set up. If you select this, all of the party guests will head over pretty much autonomously and take their seats (or loiter near the back), and they'll sit patiently and wait for the wedding to take place. I just don't understand why the Sims 4, a modern game, struggles with this kind of hands-off gameplay. It doesn't take a lot to make a wedding feel like a wedding without painfully setting up every individual step, but the modern game misses the mark on immersion so hard it's baffling.

  14. This could have been a good pack to add romantic preferences and an attractive system… but I’m sure the nine slightly different colour cakes are nice as well..

  15. Sorry not sorry but this pack is the equivalent to my first pet stuff pack to me. Literally all of the new event features should just be base game. A world with hardly any lots, nothing really new to do, and some new furniture just isn’t worth it to me.

  16. What I wonder is: let's say the Sim planning the wedding event has 3 friends but the Sim they marry to has a lot more friends that aren't known by the Sim planning the event, then will they still appear in the list of guests you can choose from? This has always annoyed me a bit for any event… Hope this would be solved by being able to invite friends and family of both Sims regardless of the one planning the event in the calendar knows their partner's friends.

  17. Yeeeeah I’m not buying this. I just don’t understand why they didn’t add a wedding planner career. This seems like so much work honestly.

  18. Crappy dlc for equally crappy game. I have no doubt Sims 5 (if it ever be released) will be as disappointing. Sims 3 was the last good one.

  19. Can we actually make decent sized worlds for once? I’m playing the sims 3 and there were so many lots. All of the new worlds recently have been so small and boring. Nothing to do.

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