Negating all enemy players their damage with the ULTIMATE Support vehicle – Crossout Gameplay

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00:00 – introduction
02:36 – Gameplay
19:53 – Thoughts


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  1. My team support/no weapon vehicle is 1 barrier 9, 4 kapkan, 1 cloak, doppler, cheeta, 1 argus, verifier on beholder cab 😁
    Big fun but low score.

  2. I was make support machines like that. In your case, you make mistake cause this machines must be so so fat, because of it, will grow up self HP and posibility to help other units. Then, this machines in most cases game in tandem with spiders or other fat units to increase them HP, when they shoot enemies. Idealy, if you cover with shield they, every time when previous shield ended. To get this posibility, when you assemble you machine, you need place shields to one lineone, cause of it you will can appoint 4 shields on 2 mouse button, or only one button, and when you hit button in place will arise only one shield, instead of all shields in that place.

  3. This might seem random, but I appreciate your content JB. You have a kind personality and it’s a pleasure to watch your videos. I’m going through some difficulties at the moment and it was a relief to see a new video.

    Thank you for your work, JB.

  4. Barriers are meant for this combo: my fav combo: Humpback cabin, Apollo, 2xReapers, hot rod, Barrier and either bigrams or mech legs. Place the 2 reapers in front of the cabin mounted on a pretty wide frame setup then all you have to do is play around with the armor and gun angles. Reapers that can only shoot straight with the inability to turn kinda suck unless you are a pro at keeping your vehicle straight on the target which is very difficult to do.

  5. There is a patch for blocking dmg. You need a bunch of them to get a trial done. If you are into doing the trials, and collecting the backgrounds logos and profile pics.

  6. Hey jb theres gonna be a global relase of a crossout mobile try to play that game and have a content on it to have more subs and reach 10k

  7. A thing that really needs to be criticized about the game is that in a end of the world scenario with tons of scifi weapons there should be more suport hardware them what we have…

    For instance a fire negation hardware (trowable fire extinguisher or a fire hydrant built in a cabin), why not a field/area effect that would boost certains features, for example reload or weapon cooling or even a trow able radar/probe for advanced reconnaissance.

    The most suport like build i have its the " Antivirus " that i used for the Red Light brawl… and it turned into a cool art build due to the lights effects.

  8. 11:35 mix of continually moving, rifting the Genes before I use all the ammo and strafing, and using the argus defense module, and some other stats I'm too lazy to try and do 5 paragraphs of how I play.

    You also know how good you do with the ageis patches, each patch is 3k blocked, the average hp at that ps is around 2-3k hp, so you gotta do at least 2 patches to make up for it. You can't judge effectiveness by point gain because barrier gets little points.

  9. Hey JBrider, do you know the crossout player/ YouTuber Mr. G? Look at his video "ultimate troll build" 😉👌 ( for an troll and support build)

  10. i think you miss understand how aegis and bubbles work. they only block damage from outside the bubble. if the enemy is inside the bubble it doesn't do anything

  11. nice video, support vehicle is fun…btw enemies can shoot if they are inside the bubble tho, i saw you thought they couldn't

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