National Grid Simulator | Power to the People #1

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Beverage obtained so let’s play Power to the People.

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Build and maintain a power grid for a constantly growing population, while fighting off all kinds of disasters in this thrilling resource management experience. It’s time for you to give “Power to the People”! Do you have what it takes to keep the lights on?

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Disclosure: Game key supplied free of charge from the developer / publisher.


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  1. Research agreement will repay itself only in 16 days on average.
    50% of getting extra RP per day means you it will most likely take 16 days to get what you've spent.
    So, these 16 days, plus 4-5 days you've spent collecting them (over another research you could make) are simply wasted for immediate bonus you could already have.
    Considering, this is only 50-days level, and there're about 35 days left, you'll get "profit" for roughly 20 days, meaning you'll get 10 RP on average.
    It is deffilitely not worth it at such short scenarios. It would work way better at longer scenarios (or endless, if there is such thing in game), especially if beelined.

  2. Hopefully this will be a long series, or a couple of shorter ones.
    When this video ended, I thought "That wasn't half an hour!" It was so fun it felt like ten minutes. Seems to be a game I could lose hours in playing it myself. Luckily I'm watching it late, so there is part two too. See you there.

  3. This game is adorable!! It's like a smaller version of city skylines!!🐯🐯💕💕 Ugh this is pretty cool and 100% bringeable 🥰🏘️🏡💡⚡🔌

  4. Just want to let you know I really like your vids. Been watching for quite a while on and off but there is always something to come back for 🙂

  5. I have an suggestion, maybe you could start a Cities Skylines series once again. Offcourse if you want to, its your decision. There are a bunch of dlc´s that are new and can make the game alot different. I´m not saying you need to put insane detail in the city but just manage it how you want.

  6. I very rarely comment on videos, but this series you’re doing is absolutely fabulous and relaxing ! I will most certainly be keeping up so please carry on. I can only offer my fashion advice as service in return.!

  7. 22:20
    The reason you bottomed out on power there was because the Bio-Mass plant went down for maintenance, thus producing no power.
    The was a notification in the top right warning you of such; you just didn't notice it.

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