My Problem With Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels Expansion!

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My Problem With Forza Horizon 5 Hot Wheels Expansion. We will be discussing the Huge Expectations, Why Playground Games Chose Hot Wheels DLC Again & much more! Remember to 👍LIKE & ✌SUBSCRIBE with notifications turned ON 🔔 for more Forza Horizon 5 News, Updates & Gameplay!

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  1. It would be cool if they added some hot wheels customizations for present vehicles. Even just some rims would be a good start. But then hopefully getting to fire breathing engine swaps

  2. FH5 is easily the weakest FH so far based on initial release. FH5 is a better game than FH1 maybe now, but at the time FH1 was amazing and still is. But imo, FH2-FH4 (FH3 my fav) are way more captivating thab FH5. I'm not a fan of the reduced controller feedback, reduction in vibration feedback, and the overall even more arcade lightness applied the physics. All this combined with a game that feels less dynamic than the last with a repeat Expansion…I can say FH5 isn't the progression I envisioned for the series.

  3. they said they were allowing people to make their own tracks with something like 80 snappable pieces. I loved the fh3 hotwheels expansion and I'm sure this one will be even better.

  4. Did the FH community really want another hotwheels? I remember when FH5 was still in development phase and people were asking for a japan map or a big city with back roads. I understand why they did Mexico though, because it kinda fits the Horizon theme better. But it feels like a cash grab with this expansion and they arnt listing to the community.

  5. I get that them bringing out another hot wheels expansion for horizon 5 as there are people who didn't get a chance to play the hot wheels expansion in horizon 3, but I've already played the hot wheels dlc from horizon 3 so I kind of wish they made a completely new and different dlc

  6. i feel like if forza did the same online set up in fh3 where youd load in with bots and have a choice to join online matches and be able to have solo sessions with friends there wouldnt be all the connection hiccups

  7. I did not get to enjoy Horizon's previous Hot Wheels DLC because I started playing the franchise with FH4. I am quite excited. There are a few issues which I miss from FH4, such as heavy snow and a more favorable map (UK). I was dissapointed with both FH4 expansions as the content became stale rather quickly.

    As for future FH5 expansions I had sort of hoped for a "major race" theme, centered around Cannonball, Paris-Dakar, Baja, etc. I hoped they would bring in things like pits stops and a bit of a story line. I would also suggest "noir" themed cities and cars – maybe New York, San Francisco, or London from the 40s. Capture the flag type adventures might be quite fun in a city rather than a random open area. I fondly remember the free-roam chases around San Francisco in the old Project Gotham series.

  8. I never got FH3 as it was non steam game and atleast fan of Hotwheels I'm willing to get in to see the action

  9. I played the fh3 hot wheels expansion and I’m so happy for its return. I even pre ordered it

  10. I would love to see an actual story expansion. With actual characters and cutscenes. Like street racing or something. The street race “scene” in recent horizon games are so lame and barebones. Its basically just races at night with different looking checkpoints. I get that development time is a problem for something that deep. But hey maybe for in the horizon game we will get something closer to fh1

  11. We have basically been playing the same game since Horizon 3. Some could argue horizon 2. No story. No innovation. Having the same kind of dlcs. I completely agree with the people frustrated that we are essentially getting the same thing with the another hot wheels dlc. Havent played horizon 5 because the cycle continues from horizon 4. I hop on the game after not playing for months and get the car i desire. After that there is nothing to do. You simply just collect cars in horizon games now. I honestly hope Test Drive solar crown blows peoples minds and forcing xbox and turn 10 to innovate.

  12. I never played Forza three I started on forza 4. This will be my first hot wheels map. I'm excited

  13. I cant even go to the hot wheels expansion, I have it installed on my Xbox but it doesn’t appear on my map? I tried everything and reinstalled it many times but it still won’t show up. I even unplugged my Xbox many times too! If anybody knows how to fix this, please help me.

  14. Rather than them spead out the map more!! And more legendary trucks and cars!! Like the Viper Truck, TRX, etc!!

  15. Doesn't help that the last horizon game that had actually rewarding progression was FH3, it's just going to blow its load straight away and leave you feeling empty like the main campaign of fh5 does

  16. I’m p*sssed as I already bought hot wheels on fh3 and wanted a city map in fh5 i regret buying the expensive version of fh5

  17. They definitely should’ve went the Hwy 35 or Acceleracers route for sure if they were going to Hotwheels again but probably was a issue with hot wheels unleashed being released

  18. Utterly utterly bored with the Horizon series. Had fun on fh4 but im just not interested in anything related to the latest version

  19. I personally love hot wheels but I think they are running out of ideas. I loved it when I played it on Horizon 3 but 5 will be hard to see.

  20. I feel like they also may have done hot wheels again because Hot Wheels Unleashed this year as well. Sometimes companies like to synergize

  21. I find FH5 completely lazy and dead. The online setup is broken they've used the crew 2 setup on to smaller map. There's no new custom options really same lazy customisation. They should have up there game and added bikes to bring a new level to the game. I'm gutted i paid for the season pass when its 3 dlcs for kids and 2 for adults. Im done with it and have unistalled it.

  22. Not mentioning that horizon 5 itself is broken. Horizon 4 was good because it didnt have that major issues like horizon 5 did when it was released. More than half a year passed and the game still broken. In horizon4 we had 64 players per lobby, in horizon 5 all lobbys you find theres 10 people max and you dont see them in the map like in horizon 4. Im a big fan of the franchise but this horizon 5 game is so dissapointing…

  23. I dont need a children focused dlc like Lego or Hotwheels. Kids should play mario kart or the actual hot wheels game.

  24. well keep in mind that the devs are also working on motorsport and probably other things to within a short amount of time

  25. Honestly I just wished they would do a lively urban city like the arcade racers of old. There is NFS, but new NFS is garbage. I started replaying all the old Midnight Clubs and NFS's because I miss the atmosphere that has yet to be replicated by these modern games.

  26. Most likely mattel offered them a collab for cheap and they choose to run with it since people liked it a lot the first time and it brings interesting cars to the game wich you wouldn't really see anywhere else. The previous map had the dinosaur from the jaws track so the new map will probably contain something theemed under another famous hot wheels track, or maybe the colour shifters wich would change colour with temperature. I think that there is plenty of interesting stuff that can come our of hot wheels for the DLC to be good, if it isn't it's 100% Microsoft's fault.

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