My Favorite Game Animation of 2021

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Here’s a (slightly belated) list of 2021 games that had amazing animation!
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Written and produced by Daniel Floyd

Special thanks to:
-Carrie Floyd
-Mark Brown (because I stole his game title pop-up format)

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♪ “Transylvania Sound Machine” by Stemage & Chunkstyle

♪ “Animal Crossing” by Helynt

♪ …and selections from a variety of relevant official game soundtracks.


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  1. Deaths Door is so fluid and stylish that I get giddy every time I see it.

    Thanks for the amazing work, Dan! I wishlisted at least 5 games from this video.

  2. Someday I would LOVE to see you talk about animation in Vanillaware like 13 Sentinels, Odin Sphere and Muramasa.

  3. You got me with the spider, I was watching this and I saw the skateboard, and I was just like, "it's riding a skateboard!!!" despite it being 6 am

  4. A clip of everhood was shown for 2 seconds that means I can recommend it again
    Trippiest and one of the most creative games I’ve ever played
    ppppLAY IT!!

  5. I wouldn't even remotely consider Lady D's performance particularly memorable or "electrifying". Maggie Robertson did a fine job, but it's honestly nothing special outside of maybe the animation/craftmanship that went into it. Certainly not on the level of an all-time great movie performance. She was popular thanks to meme culture obsessing over her design.

    And I say that as someone who had RE Village as maybe their game of the year, and someone who didn't join the Lady D hype train, despite being otherwise very excited about the game, and thus wasn't disappointed by how relatively little presence she actually had.

  6. I discovered your channel with the ArcSystem Works video, so it was nice to see Strive mentioned at the top. Haha.

  7. the amount of games i had no idea existed made me realize how man gems i missed from last year. man! i have to check these out. can always trust you to showcase some incredible game animation with these videos.

  8. The one game I am surprised didn't make the mention cut for Pixel category was Unsighted. From Pixel cutscenes that lend a lot with a little, to limited-frame animations that convey a great sense of weight without breaking screen-refresh timing it does a lot of really cool stuff. On top of being a really really really good game.

  9. Would be awesome to see you cover Asura's Wrath some day. A very underrated gem full of awesome hard hitting and sincere animation moments.

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