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We already have quite a few VR mech games for the Quest 2 platform (Vox Machinae & Iron Rebellion come to mind) but soon there will be another new Quest 2 game fighting for your attention in this genre, World of Mechs VR! World of Mechs VR is an upcoming VR game that takes a much more arcadey approach to the VR mech combat genre, rather than being able to interact with all the dials and buttons in your cockpit you’re instead locked in to the joysticks (which look just like Quest 2 controllers) and your one and only focus is fast, frenetic mech battles against either bots or human opponents online. With tonnes of unlockable content from new mechs to decals & upgrades for weapons & overall stats theres plenty of incentive to keep returning to purchase better gear BUT is the core gameplay loop enough fun & are the modes varied enough to keep you engaged…

For me personally World of Mechs VR offered a fun slice of frantic gameplay but felt hollow when compared to something like Vox Machinae which allowed me full control over everything in the cokcpit of the mechs I was piloting. Physically grabbing the controls, toggling weapon modes, pulling levers & dials, these small details help to immerse you in these digital worlds but World of Mechs opts instead to lock you to your joysticks & play without any real level of VR interactivity. The campaign is also a little shallow, effectively just the bot matches with some dialogue over the top to give context instead of a real story driven mode that allows you to traverse through unique levels & environments. I’m yet to try the online multiplayer as at the time of writing I struggled to find a game & could not connect to friends when I attempted to. When you’re a new VR game / new Quest 2 game competing in a market that already has a few solid titles which are very similar to your own you really need to do something unique to stand out & in it’s current state World of Mechs VR, although a fun little title, doesn’t quite do enough to pull my away from Vox…

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0:00 – Intro / Tutorial
4:12 – Menu, unlockables & modes
6:19 – Campaign mode
12:53 – Offline bot matches
20:25 – Verdict / Final thoughts

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  1. Also, anyone that picked this up, the devs play occasionally to get direct feedback from the players (which I love) but they're also super responsive in the discord. They reply directly to feedback and have already been taking notes on some of the things players are saying, so if you like the game but have ideas or complaints to help it along I'd say join the discord!

  2. Been playing this non stop for the last two days. Personally, I'm loving the simplicity of the controls. I work really long hours, and sometimes I just wanna blow stuff up without all the sweat. At the moment, I consider it one of the best 20 bucks I've spent on Quest so far.

  3. I didnt know it came out T–T i sure asf cant wait to get on this game especially if i can get the weekend off

  4. The maps are stolen from war robots lol makes me laugh all vr games are just add ons of other games

  5. Glad to see there are unlockable mechs and stuff here. I know lots of people hate that stuff and want everything unlocked right off the bat, but I have to say, I really miss progression in most VR games. Almost all VR games tend to be completely void of those systems, and there's hardly any RPGs in VR so there's kinda no progression games anywhere. People hated Larcenauts for having such a slow unlock curve, I hope this is far faster seeing as there are tons of mechs in this. With how many there are, you should be able to buy a mech or two during a 2 hours session IMO. That's a reasonable pace, that'll keep people coming back and won't just put them off.

    It's also better if team wins gives more XP/whatever than individual skill as well, cause being a noob is mad punishing if you need to get kills to unlock stuff. If you get unlock points/xp/whatnot for wins, then you're gonna get some of them half the time or so, and you'll be incentivized to help the team rather than soak up kills.

    Anyways.. I love mechs a lot. Looking forward to this even if it looks a bit too arcadey for me. I actually like the graphics, it has a Dreamcast vibe with the bright graphics, and that's right up my alley.

  6. Hey there Beardo Benjo 🙂
    I was looking into purchasing the game on the day of its release. But I'm very glad i seen your review of it.
    Because it's just way to cartoony to me with its explosions and visuals. I was then thinking 🤔 well then what other Mech game could i go for? Thats even available.. Then you mentioned ( Vox mechinae ) this game looks alot more visually better with the graphics. The story mode on the preview on the oculus store looks HORRID though with the character base dialogue. And it's stopping me from making a purchase if I'm honest!

    I mainly want it for the multiplayer action & interactions. How would you consider it for that?
    As i like more realistic immersion type games.

  7. Hey beardo just wanted to say that I love your content and I have no doubt that you bring fresh knowledge to the industry and I see you match the competition with upload times of new content and updates with other YouTubers.
    I had a suggestion not like I actually know anything 🙃 but when you use a green screen you with your camera placement you can find a way to immerse your video as inside the mech meaning the main screen is still gameplay but your face will be constructed of you and the back of the in game mech (real time in-game camera footage transmition as a green screen layer behind your face.
    Hoping you could read this and even give me a reason why this could not work if that is the case😌

    Keep up with the awesome content my man!! <3

  8. I'd much rather have a game look cartoony and cell shaded and run great than have a game like Blade and Sorcery or Green Hell VR that just don't really bring the "wow" factor of VR because they just look so horrible and perform terrible on the quest. Then again, I really wonder how games like RE4 and Star Wars Tales From The Galaxies Edge can look the way they do while still performing great.

  9. Silver BeardVR
    0 seconds ago
    Enjoyed the honest review, I got a Quest 2 a few weeks ago and I'm really enjoying it. Now I just need a PC to run PC VR games as well as some flat screen games. I'm considering an i7 and a 3070. Keep up the love and admiration for VR alive. Been a fan of the channel for a while.

  10. the first time i saw VR I knew the game I really wanted is a Gundam game. I can't wait to see how good Mech games get in a few years.

  11. Wish Wold of Mechs and Vox Machinae joined forces so we could have Vox's mechanics (pun kinda lolol) with World of Mech's variety and customization/unlockables.

  12. I'm excited to try it. I wish I could have the quantity of content here mixed with the quality of content from Iron Rebellion, but you can't have it all I suppose haha.

  13. Looks nice, but light. Vox will be getting my time I think, unless a lot more depth is added.

  14. ফেলিসিডেস, এটি মিনাংকাবাউ উদাহরণ। 250 sentadillas son unos KISSSSSS.Uno muchas y un buen ejercicio. 5:25 Dadi dejav ver que hay muy buenos ফলাফল 😍👍

  15. Really enjoyed playing this yesterday. The mech felt so good regarding movement. Played for about 7 hours.

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