Monark Review

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Monark reviewed by Cameron Hawkins on PlayStation 5.

Monark has a lot of interesting ideas that could have come together into a great tactical JRPG, but what’s here feels more like a prototype. Its Madness mechanic adds interesting choices to its fights, but is mostly irrelevant and annoying outside of combat. And while its well-voiced party members eventually grow on you, I wish I had more time to directly interact with them so I cared about their wellbeing when it came to major moments in the plot. The real drag, though, is the repetition in the mission structures, which is the same sequence of events and dull puzzles over and over again with very little variety.

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  1. Why are JPRGs so behind on graphics? It looks like they haven't used any technology developed within the last 10 years.

  2. When are JRPG developers going to learn that long straight hallway dungeons, repetitive visuals, and the a gameplay loop that never iterates on itself or changes signicantly in difficulty just aren't working anymore?

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