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  1. Seems like it might be a fun one. Really interested in the mysteries of the plot, as well as the music and art.

  2. Oh good, another RPG with amnesia. FFS people, come up with something in a story new that doesn't involve something now more common than the term "turn based".

  3. "If you want to skip your turn you caan always use the defer option, though of course if you defer too often your characters go mad."

    … Of course … That makes perfect sense 🙄

  4. Couldn't find the demo. Is it only on the Japanese eShop? Pre-ordered the limited edition because I love Atlus games and that same team made the game.

  5. I'm a big fan of FuRyu and how experimental their games are.
    I loved The Alliance Alive and Caligula 2.
    So I'm gonna give it a try.

  6. Best review, I trust your review more than anyone else since you guys ACTUALLY take Your time and find interest . Not every game needs super flashy or high action to be amazing

  7. this game sounds like it sucks. seems like it has nothing good to offer but cool persona/shin megami style art.

  8. I was about to cancel my pre-order cuz of the bad feedback of the demo ( that I didn't try for my myself, I don't like demo.. ) but thanks to your positive review I will keep it 🙂

  9. Woh a jrpg where the main character has amnesia? Who else preordered the limited edition without knowing about the game?

  10. I'm not sure about this game, I played The Caligula Effect 2 which I enjoyed, the music was the main pull. But this one doesn't seem to have anything that particularly stands out?

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