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  1. I tried the demo and hated it. The game has so many small annoyances and combined they just drag down the experience for me. I would get the Caligula Effect 2 over this one.

  2. It seems they blow up the budget to make collaboration with Kamitsubaki group (which I only first heard of through Monark), and The way I see it, this group is like mainstream song writer and singer, like holy shit, for a low-budget game from a small company, this is way too ambitious. They already got an in-house composer who worked on SMT, so why bother hire big name mainstream group. Not only that (maybe minor spoiler, by the way), many vocal songs from Kamitsubaki sound so off in Monark. This is a dark edgy game with dark fantasy element, pop songs just not for dark setting with no slice-of-life, not like Persona. Don't get me wrong, some of them are good, but they just not fit for the game's mood. I can only find the rap song that show in the combat trailer to fit the game because it didn't try to be excited.

  3. Honestly, when this game was annunced I was really interested in it, because it was made by former SMT developers, a series that I recently discovered these years and I am loving it (Nocturne was amazing, Persona 5 is good but overrated as f*ck, I plan to play SMT V next)…then I saw that the combat was strategy rpg and my interest in the game dropped, and now that I watched this video…gotta say, this game is not looking good, at all
    Maaaaybe one day I might play it, but I am definetly not gonna buy it full price, maybe when it is a 10 € or 20€ Max, not a cents more, unless the game is completely trash, Then I am not gonna touch it even with a stick :v

  4. Looked like trash since the reveal (just like Caligula Overdrive).
    Never understood why people got interested in this game.

  5. you must not be a fan of shin megami tensei games cause this is pretty much one. it reminds me a lot of nocturn and digital devil on ps2

  6. quarter dragon time limit is great? hell no its not it punish you for useing dragon form and if it reaches 100% its game over I was at the second to last final boss and was lock out of beating the game cause it went up to 100% every fucking time mid battle I had to start the intire game over again and never used dragon form at all the second time around and it made the game 10 times more harder it sucked while I loved the story but that timer made it the worst breath of fire and was what killed the series from ever being on consoles again

  7. Im getting the Caligula effect vibe from this. Bought a lot of ubisoft games lately since they are on a discount on a nearby retail store so I dont think i'll be able to pick this one when it launches. Cnt wait for Triangle Strategy though.

  8. Many props to you for referring to Dragon Quarter as a stellar JRPG. There are not nearly enough of us out there!

  9. This is a PS4 game? The performance was so un-optimized I thought it had to be a Switch game.

    HARD PASS!!!

    Edit: I'd highly recommend Caligula 2 over this.

  10. I liked monark its not the best but every game can't be a persona 5 chrono cross final fantasy let's give the full game a chance

  11. Thanks for the review I was honestly looking to get this but now that I saw how the battle system is I don't really like tactics so I'm now aware and informed not to get this so thanks again PS I hope you feel better your voice sounds like you're still under the weather

  12. I played it for an hour or so…

    Just seems like a generic JRPG. It doesn’t feel “spectacular” or new in anyway.

    If you’re looking for a good shonen-tropey-amazing JRPG you would be happier with Tales of Arise, Persona, Trails, or Xenoblade Chronicles.

    After you’ve beat all of those… then this game might buy you time until the next good JRPG comes out.

  13. After this review and demo I know that I’m gonna pay 100$ for limited edition with shipping to Poland. I’m big fan of SMt and Trails so I loved that at first sight. Also loved the demo. Cheers!

  14. This is disappointing I really wanted to like this game. Maybe we will get a monarch two that will have the budget and development that it needs for a game with an ambition like this one

  15. The opening cutscene looks a lot like Persona 1 where they get stuck in the school. The first chapter is a lot like Persona 2 innocent sin’s opening where you run around the school solving puzzles to dispel a curse. Seems like this game is penned by some former SMT writers and decided to rip off old school Persona wholesale, right down to the Jungian psychological stuff and maybe even Lovecraftian themes for good measure.
    Just makes me wanna play through P1 and P2s again.

  16. Thank you David. I couldn't make it through the demo. I absolutely despise time limits in my JRPGs and while I had fun with combat, nothing is drawing me into the game. Everything feels very cheaply done, I do NOT like silent protagonists even in really well done games like Persona, Dragonquest, etc and I don't like any of the characters thus far. This game is a huge pass for me. I'd rather spend the extra money on my CE of Trails from Zero

  17. disappointing about the game.
    David, however, is one of the purest voices and most affable personalities in the entire gaming space.
    I would enjoy seeing David do some content with Dodger <3

  18. I love your voice. I’m sorry you did such a good job describe how bad this game is, I stopped watching. But I love your voice 🙂

  19. By the sounds of it, This demo doesn't show a lot of promise so far, But i'll properly look into it when the game comes out.

  20. Update: anyway, I just tried the demo (haven't finished it yet btw), and I do have similar opinions to what you've said here, though I'd say I'm more forgiving on my opinion of the game. The battle system is a delight, and we should've had more of that in the demo. I don't mind not having the high school simulator part of the game, but I find having the game's lore in the Library (instead of being in the actual story itself) to be lazy storywriting. And we need more buildup as to how the MC got his powers instead of just grabbing Vanitas like a pesky dog 😆 As for the graphics, I really do not mind, as they could just release a patch for that to make things better. But you sure can't patch an underwhelming gameplay. For what it's worth, I'll buy this game either as a second-hand copy, or on an eShop sale.

  21. Beat the demo last night.

    The premise of the story and characters seem interesting but The combat is the true highlight here. The game plays like Lost Dimension, another game by Lancarse on the Vita.

    Tactical positioning and using the environment during combat are good. Nozomi thrives as a tank.

    The music is great.

    The game is very grindy lol i had to make a couple phone calls to level up before the boss.

    It’s a Day 1 for me and thanks for the review.

  22. I cancelled my pre order after the demo. The premise is still interesting but it's really rough around the edges especially on Nintendo switch.
    I will wait for reviews and maybe a let's play to make a final decision.
    NIS is a good Publisher and I really want to support them. The Japanese dub is very good, a lot of the money went into it most likely.

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