Monark Is INEXCUSABLE in 2022, Here's Why

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Monark, the latest JRPG form publisher NIS America and developer FuRyu, has a lot of cool ideas going on. However it has one GIANT problem holding it back. In this review I’ll dive into all details of the game’s combat, gameplay, story and much more.

A review copy was provided by NIS America for review purposes.

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  1. Thank you for reviewing it on base PS4. Not a lot of reviews have been playing the lastest releases on the last gen and how the game runs is always something I want to know. I'll be waiting till it gets fixed or till I get a PS5 Great review as always!

  2. Man, I’m glad I snagged a PS5 and just skipped the PS4 entirely. Even with PS5 shortages, I figured it wouldn’t be wise to settle for an older gen console. There are an increasing number of games that just don’t run well on older systems. Honestly this game probably should’ve been made just for PS5.

  3. This was a fun video with some interesting idea but it had an absolutely unacceptable problem for 2022 that was simply disgusting

    Fucking clickbaiting and making us wait until the end for some hyped up buzzword fuckery instead of just producing your content honestly, honestly I can’t believe youtube even gave out links to this with it running so poorly

    This is a nice video that i enjoyed my time with but maybe it would work better on another method

  4. Shame it looked like it had good potential, I still believe it can be great if they fix a lot of the issues addressed in a future sequel going forward if there is one.

  5. Iam playing hzd2 on my ps5 I have a lgc1 65inch the game looks great but there is a flickering on short grass very annoying has anyone noticed this please let me know

  6. This is definitely a game I've been wanting to check out. Hipefully there's a patch on the PS4 version sooner rather than later. Also, another game I might be picking up soon, that just released, is Edge of Eternity.

  7. I was looking forward to this at first being a horror rpg but the more I saw the less I liked and that's unfortunate because it reminds me of lost dimension witch I love.

  8. Awesome! Thanks for the review. If this is the only issues the game is having, I'm totally gonna pick it up! It looks so fun!

  9. Ngl this game looks like it was to be a psvita game but got pushed to other platforms, it doesnt look bad but that frame rate need to ironed out tho.

  10. Hhm the switch Demo runs great or I just didn't experienced any issues. I like the style of the game and the story from what I saw but sadly the gameplay just isn't for me.

  11. Did you forget that there is a platform called PC? I don't think you ever mentioned it in your video.
    Or maybe since it's NIS, so you thought that they won't release the game simultaneously on PC too? …cough…cough … TLoH … cough … cough…

  12. 100% madness while exploring just teleports you back to nurse office, its just forced fast travel lol.
    Monark feels like one of those niche PS2 games you'd find on bargain bit at a gamestop or wallmart back in 2000s.
    Game also has more fps drops on Switch 😀

  13. If you wonder how it runs on switch, it's got basically a 3ds-like graphic. I've played the demo in portable, so maybe it gets a bit better docked on a tv. I've also tested the demo on a ps5, and sure that's the best option of all.

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