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I play a lot of anime games, so I’ve had my fair share of edgy plots and settings . This one though? Oh boy. Let’s give it a look in my Monark review!

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00:00 – Intro
00:21 – Overview and Game Loop
02:01 – Exploration and Puzzles
02:47 – Combat
04:42 – Difficulty and Grinding
06:22 – Story
08:35 – Graphics and Music
09:24 – PC Port
09:56 – Conclusion

Steam Page:
Description (From Steam):
Could you face yourself and the threats around you to save the ones you love? Shin Mikado Academy is engulfed in a madness-inducing Mist, and only you can save everyone inside. Develop your Ego to break the pacts set by the Pactbearers and remove the corrupting Mist.

Written Review:

I was provided a review copy of the game in order to make this review.
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  1. It's actually a pretty enjoyable game, the Steam reviews reflect that well. I don't know what's up with this recent trend of bad critics giving bad criticism. People were just lured in by hearing about alleged SMT devs working on this game and now they're upset and asspained that it's not literally SMT VI.

  2. It doesn't really sound edgy. It sounds like an attempt at psychological horror that fell flat. Edge is a bit different from what u described.

  3. You'd think with this being so linear they'd figure out a way to make the game a non-grindy, well balanced mess, considering they're literally dictating how the player is playing the game…

  4. Good review. I got an email offering a sale through gog and decided to see what reviews were like on steam which led me here. It looks like it has promise, but definitely doesn't seem like I will enjoy it too much so I think I'll pass

  5. I came across this game from my favorite Virtual singers from kamitsubaki, I'm a fan of harusaruhi and koko, love their songs. How unfortunate that the game is not up to par. I might buy it when it goes on sale though. Thanks for the review! On a side note, I'd rather buy a physical disk of the soundtrack, know any place where I can buy a copy?

  6. I wish you had a review on Crystar game, which was made also by nis america: looks pretty similar to this one, but people enjoyed the story there so much, that gave 9,6 user score on metacritic. I'm relieved some guy made a 12 hours cutscenes movie out of this game, it was the same painful to play as enjoyable to watch despite it's length.
    I also wanted to thank you for your review on blue reflection second light which i was interested in since it was banned in russia and brasil for unknown reasons.

  7. So it's the Breath of Fire Dragon Quater battle system. While I am glad to see another game use it, this really looks like a SMTMaker game. (Not a real thing but it should get the point across)

  8. It's always funny how these ps2 looking Japanese weeb games always cost 60 bucks. Where do the costs come from? 15 bucks indie games look and play better than these soulless 08/15 anime tropes

  9. Damn, shame it turned out like this – played the demo and had hoped the writing quality would rise above the abysmal level it started at, but it seems like that is not the case! Thanks for the review, maybe I'll check this out when I can pick it up for $5 or something

  10. Thanks for saving me the time and money, I appreciate the review. The SMT marketing lured me in too and I was interested. Now I'll pass since my backlog is too long to play a mediocre grindfest.

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