Mojito the Cat (Nintendo Switch) Part 1 of 6: Gardens – Ten Levels

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Mojito the Cat for Nintendo Switch.
Success is at every corner

Help your child (or yourself) grow logical skills alongside cute animals. Take your time and look around the map for best routes. Make sure to consider all possibilities. Remember! Gravity is not an issue if you have the right mindset.

Multiple characters

Check out over 10 unlockable characters to accompany you. You can become a fierce shark, an angry bull, a mighty rhino or a fluffy panda.

Travel through the world

Experience all of the unique worlds alongside Mojito. Travel through an elegant garden, a desert oasis, an active vulcano, an iceberg or even a magic forest. In case the last one was not to your liking, you can also have some fun in a regular forest.

Key features:

– 60 puzzles to solve
– charming aesthetic
– 11 unique 3d cube Skins
– satisfying gameplay loop
– great challenges
Nintendo Switch gameplay. Genre: Adventure, Other, Puzzle, Study. E – Everyone


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