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Checking out Model Builder on Steam.
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  1. Great game but sadly had to refund. Spent over an hour on the big dragon and the game crashed and as the game doesn't autosave i lost all my progress. No way i was going to do it again :P. But im looking forward to seeing you play it anyway.

  2. Awesome, someone bought the game for me!

    I didn't know how to undo the decals, and never crossed my mind to customise the painting to my tastes lmao

    I gotta crawl out of those boxes of mine to think of options like you did, I foresee many hours per model getting them to look jusssssssssst right for me

    Great stream, thanks for the workarounds you discovered!

  3. I absolutely love modeling. I've got several spitfire and p51. My closet is full of boxes and house is full of models so I'm definitely going to check this game out cause I have no room for the real thing

  4. Missed the stream but had the idea of when you complete the model on the game it unlocked the stl file so you can 3d print it

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