Midair Collisions, Helicopter Shootdowns & Air vs Ground #16 | Besiege

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Besiege is a physics-based medieval-themed simulation game where you can build anything from airplanes, helicopters and cars to catapults and cranes, and then play with it afterwards.

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  1. It would be cool if you filled some of the planes with cargo and crashed them, or maybe even some of the passenger planes with people. Idk if that’s possible but might be fun.

  2. [4:43] God, I’d hate to be those pilots. Imagine that you’re nosediving towards the ground at high speed and watching the ground getting closer, knowing that there’s nothing you can do…. Absolute nightmare.

    [10:24] Welp, safe to say that there’s nothing left of that guy from the explosion. Gone, reduced to atoms.

  3. i kind of think the crashes are unrealistic because plane get mass amount of damage and explodes at a emergency landing as in real life the landing gear would get crushed and the actual plane itself isnt in peices depending on the reason it emergency landed, but all ways this is cool, and satisfying! and i also think, could there be ground vehicle demolition? also im not trying to say this channel is bad, im just giving ideas. Love your channel!

  4. Big Mathis, I think that this is the best channel on plane/other crashes and I say to keep up the amazing work because you have got a regular and I will always find time to watch your videos!

  5. i love the crashes where they land almost horizontally but still take damage and split into multiple sections, it's so satisfying!

  6. 2:28


    Is the last thing the Besiege person says before they slam into the ground in a spinning helicopter shot down be a missile

    Tbh he sounds like Augustus Gloop spinning around in the chocolate

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