Merciless Medieval Base Defense RTS! – Diplomacy Is Not An Option

YouTube video

You were born a feudal lord. Sounds good, right? But you’re bored of hunting, executions and tournaments. Even of feasts with …


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  1. Looks like an age of empires inspired game, could be good, just hope it's got its own twist and isn't a straight clone, tho old school AoE was really amazing and I wouldn't be upset if it made a comeback

  2. RTSs are their own worst enemy. I loved Starcraft, but Starcraft 2 dove too deeply into the "must balance everything for multiplayer" rabbit hole, so it just felt empty, clinical and meaningless to me.

  3. Game looks decent. Only complaint so far is the sound the units make when they spawn out of barracks. I wonder if that can be turned off

  4. I miss RTS too Wander. Sadly, Between the two main drivers for RTS, Westwood and Blizzard, getting eaten up by EA and Activision respectively, who both then proceeded to murder the shit out of the genre, RTS is basically dead.

  5. Did you not like kingdom rush? Not saying any of the other highlighted games aren't amazing but i havent seen any videos since the first one yet.

  6. Dark knights are esencial early game as well as semi late game to provide a meat shield for the actual units since they dont leave corpses on death. I swear wonder you dont use your tools and powers given to you like you should

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