Martha is Dead PlayStation Censorship vs Xbox & PC

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The PlayStation version of Martha is Dead is being censored in the PS4 and PS5 while the Martha is Dead Xbox version will remain unchanged. That is also true for the PC release which will depict a gruesome scene for players of the game. The outcry has been anti-censorship and amidst several other games getting the same treatment from Sony many are left wondering where these policies are coming from. Last of Us 2 is incredibly violent, so why would this be pushing things too far? Let’s discuss. PlayStation censorship in Martha is Dead seems to deal with a particularly gruesome scene, but PlayStation censoring games is not something new as I’ll outline within. PlayStation news has been mostly good about their relationship with indie developers, but this comes at a bad time as it has created an almost universal backlash to their stance on this matter.

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  1. This ridiculous censorship only gave me a huge reason to not pre order this game and never get my hands on it on Sony platforms!

  2. I'm almost 39 and I have the right to play games with uncensored graphic content! This isn't 1993 anymore and we are not like the boomer generation who get offended by fake virtual violence. We grew up with this stuff.

  3. I don't think that scene is THAT gruesome. Cutting skin of dead people's faces is not what I consider fun, but there's much worse out there. Especially within the stories context it was appropriate. Honestly, I found is WAY more gruessome that TLOU made me brutally kill people that I didn't want to kill. Or what about the manhunt games. In Mortal Kombat you can do horrible things to already defeated opponents – just for fun.

  4. Off people have a problem with thus they should stop watching movies or watching the news because theres plenty thing you see in them everyday how many good news stories do you see every day i bet not many if anny at all

  5. I'm currently playing this for review, thankfully on Xbox.

    It is pretty gruesome and there is more than that one scene (face cutting) that is pretty disturbing. There really is some nightmarish stuff in this game.

    I think it's wrong to edit/cut the content though. It's an adult game for an adult audience. So let adults decide what they want to play.

  6. We've been watching Michael Myers and Jason rip people in half and slice n dice for years. How bad could a video game be🤷🏽‍♂️

  7. Of course Sony censor’s these games. They don’t trust their playerbase to make the right choice, themselves. So instead, they take the freedom from their players and make the choice themselves. So glad I play on team green

  8. Jesus Christ… So it's perfectly fine for characters to rip each other's faces off in Mortal Kombat & for characters to do extremely violent things to each other in TLOU2, but this is too far? So much hypocrisy in the games industry right now. Where to even start… 🤦‍♂️

  9. When you don't like your games getting censored, ask yourself what other people or things you are in favor of being censored and then blame yourself when it comes back to bite you.

  10. When you're more puritanical than Nintendo (The one gaming corporation I consider especially family friendly) you've got issues.

  11. This game was not on my radar, but now I'll be buying it, on xbox obviously.. too bad they don't have a physical copy

  12. I had this pre-ordered two for my PlayStation five and I have eagerly been waiting for over a year for this title. I canceled today and will just end up getting it on steam and playing it on a smaller screen sadly

  13. No, Sony should not be making censorship decisions. Rate the games, there are plenty of warnings at the beginning of the game. At the end of the day, we should be able to make an informed decision on the games we want to play, and we are not children who need to be coddled and directed as such. It's disappointing. Also, that scene isn't any different than what we've seen in movies. It makes no sense. Sony is overstepping their boundaries, in my opinion. Why bother with a rating system if you're just going to force devs to edit their game as you see fit? Nevermind Mortal Kombat is definitely worse in terms of gruesome violent actions. And I love MK but come on, man. It is hypocritical on Sony's part. sips coffee

  14. It’s not about whether it’s good or bad as the fact that PlayStation policing the game industry when the rating system and Parent control already exist for that purpose.

  15. The last of us part 2 made me vry uncomfortable in few different places throughout the game and that game wasn’t censored.

  16. Modern day Nintendo wouldn't even censor that scene. Let that sink in Nintendo is no longer censoring content in games anymore unless it's woke activism but that's different because no one who is sane wants woke politics in games especially Japanese gamers who hate western activism. If you're a developer of an adult oriented game that wants nothing to do with woke activism. My advice to you is stay away from PlayStation and put it on Nintendo Switch even if you have to make the sacrifice to make the game available on a Nintendo Switch cartridge and on eShop.

  17. It’s supposed to make you uncomfortable, it’s a horror game. We have games like Mortal Kombat cutting people’s face off and it’s fine. If they really wanted to censor it, you could put in an option to not play the scenes that they censored. This is ridiculous, I hate companies that dictate what we are allowed to watch or play.

  18. Jim Ryan and the Commiefornia HQ don't help, its been an utter shitshow under both, far worse than Xbox was under blithering idiot Don Mattrick.

  19. Sony has been on a censorship spree in the last 3 years where developers either had to censor content from the PlayStation version version or not put their game on PlayStation yes EA was a little censorship happy to with the mass effect butless edition but Sony has been very censorship happy over the last 3 years it started with small sexual content where they covered female characters up and now its going into violent content

  20. Pony with another L. Points out a perverse part of a society that glorifies violence and hyper masculinity (Uncharted and GOW as an example) but condemns sex and figuritive ambiguity while it watches p*rn. "Make Love not war"- Bob Marley

  21. Destin big fan of your work. With the video though it’s very confusing more than frustrating because Sony’s exclusive titles (last of us series, god of war, blood borne just to name a few) depict some scenes that from under there values should be censored but they don’t. So my question to you is do you think it’s only because there 3rd party developers that they wish to only censor I mean there literally a game called “The suicide of Rachel Foster”.

    My other question would be do you think there creating a double standard because resident evil 7 also launched on PlayStation and everyone knows of the two very graphic scenes (jack shooting himself and the magarite boss fight).

  22. So Sony is making the Martha is Dead dev change their game and that sucks don't get me wrong. BUT there's a part to this no one is paying attention to, despite the game going to release on Xbox and the Switch. You can only pre-order the game on PlayStation. Is this a new practice by Sony. Locking in pre-orders?

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