Martha Is Dead Is Censored On PS4/PS5 But Not Xbox Or PC

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This video takes a look at the recent announcement that the game Martha Is Dead will be censored on PlayStation platforms, but not Xbox or PC.

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  1. I wish from now on, developers would not put out their game with a company that wants to censor some of it. Watch how fast things would change.

  2. Anyone who thought that Sony's censorship policies would only affect Japanese anime games were naïve. This has been a long time coming ever since Sony had moved Sony Interactive Entertainment from Tokyo to San Mateo in California back in 2016 as well as making Jim Ryan the President & CEO of PlayStation.

  3. This sucks big time, I was hoping to play on the PS5. But now knowing this my only way to see it, is when someone upload the game on YouTube or Twitch.

  4. I wouldn't release the game on shitstation if I was the dev. Looks like Sony is just bullying this studio while their games have the same type of violence 🤣

  5. A gory game that's gonna be censored only on the PS4/PS5 version. Oh yeah? What about God of War, Last of Us, Mortal Kombat, and Outlast huh? Those games are gory but they're not censored on the PS4/PS5 version!

    Those politically correct people always have hypocrisy runs through their blood.

  6. Is sony trying to screw themselves over on purpose? They spend what? $3.8 billion for a studio with one game that will remain multiplatform. Now this? Once the activision deal is done and gamepass gets all those games and plus if cod becomes exclusive and Microsoft not using censorship, sony is fucked.

  7. I think it's a little late for Sony to take the high road considering God of War is one of the most violent franchise's in gaming

  8. Tlou2 probably needs more censorship than this especially that "one scene", not the golf one, but the cringey scene.

  9. Clearly this was just a test to see how people will react. Because they have the last of us 2 and ghost of Tsushima being violent and having nudity as well as mortal kombat brutality so they have no issue with violence they just testing the waters

  10. Regional censorchip? Nah if 1 country has to deal with it the rest of the world will, make it a worldwide censorship

  11. Why is PlayStation policing the gaming Industry when the rating system and parent control exists for that very reason.

  12. I remember arguing with someone that won't accept that Sony is the one doing the censoring. I just shut up because I couldn't win

  13. I am against any kind of censorship so just don't buy the game on ps4/5 versions.
    I'll buy the Xbox version.

  14. Just a kind reminder to tell you that Nintendo doesn't censure 3rd party games.

    Have a great day !

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