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  1. I remember Twisted Metal being censored on PS3. It’s a bit hypocritical when we can see Jin Sakai’s naked buttcrack but Trish and Lady’s butt has to be censored.

    Edit: The dead girl isn’t a “baby”. She’s definitely well into her teens. The twitter user was wrong in this instance or they were trying defend Sony.

  2. Sony allows the horrific events in LOUS2 to go uncensored but one 2 min scene isnt allowed really! Sony is very inconsistent with what they censor

  3. The scene is the equivalent of performing autopsy on someone. That's probably not something most people are gonna want to be surprised by when playing a game.

    I've seen a ton of brutal scenes in video games. In most, the developer is sensible enough to avoid showing too much. This was true even in the wild 1990s. From the top of my head, as recently as 2014, MachineGames, a studio now owned by Microsoft, did not dare show Fergus/Wyatt's brain being removed while they were alive in Wolfenstein: The New Order, in one of the most disturbing scenes ever seen in a game. The grotesque baby in RE8 does not devour you on-screen.

    So why are we defending an indie studio for including badly made, explicit, cheap gore in a game? Why is Xbox ok with this when they themselves have neutered Halo by bringing it down to T rating years ago? These are the questions we should be asking.

  4. There are multiple scenes in The Last of Us 2 that should be censored if it was released under these new rules that Sony has implemented. I hope Sony dosen’t have different rules for their games compared to third party games.

  5. Y'all remember the start of Dead Space 2 where the guy helping you turns into a necromorph and his face peels off like a demented banana while his shoulder blades turn into literal spears all in graphic meaty detail? Yeah, way worse than just peeling off a corpses face. Not censored though.

  6. This is why owning a PC, or two consoles is always the better option than just owning one console. In this case, PS.

    If you didn't know, during the PS360 era, Quantic Dream approached Xbox to publish Heavy Rain, and was rejected due to scenes and themes of kidnapping children. Basically the game was too mature for Xbox deemed by the execs at the time. And funny enough, P PlayStation is finding themselves in a Sunday position with the exception of course being that the game is being edited, rather than outright blocked. In any case, I'm glad I get to play the full unadulterated experience, I just hope it's a good game.

  7. Sony goes PMRC on Martha is Dead even after Martha is Dead developers already put the lyrics on the album booklet.

  8. 1 it's a video game it is not real.
    2 it a dream/nightmare.
    3 it's very fucked up don't get me wrong but…. it's a horror game it's supposed to be fucked up and disgusting. What would they rather it have everything be sunshine and rainbows in a horror game like wtf………..

  9. Remember this guys, Nintendo, the same Nintendo that once had a censored version of Mortal Kombat with no blood or gore currently funds and publishes Bayonetta series. M Rated violent hack & slashers of a naughty sexy witch . Yet Sony can't let you have a game where you cut your sister's face

  10. Tbh it just comes across as really spineless and petty. Hell I'm still pissed what they did with dmc 5 a few years back. Intense violence sure. Tons of blood why not. A naked woman. Woah, Woah, Woah hold the fuck up now. It's just completely unnecessary and sad in a way really.

  11. Sony has been on a very strict censorship spree ever since Sony moved their headquarters to California it started with sexual content where anime girls and female characters were covered up and censored and now its violent content the problem is Sony is not consistent with their censorship you can't have Martha is dead uncensored but last of us 2 that's okay they're not consistent with it and this has been going on for the last 3 years yes they're a private company they can do what they want but I don't have to approve of it

  12. Just found out about the game was gonna get it but with it being censored now idk it’s rated M for a reason🤷🏾‍♂️

  13. I think it is draconian (in a sense) or very random in regards to what Sony decides to censor on their games; even if it originally passes the ESRB. I mean why censor games in this day and age? People are going to go to Xbox or PC with this game and then that'll give this smaller indie developer less incentive to release their games on PlayStation if it means censorship and less sales.
    It is a shame that PlayStation is acting like the 1990s and worrying more about what parents & politicians are going to say about things as opposed to letting developers do what they want and let the ESRB do their job.

  14. I didn’t play Last of Us 2 but all the videos I watched were pretty brutal…killing a PREGNANT woman in a game..I’d say that qualifies as f’d up too but Sony had no issues selling their game to the public.🤔

  15. The problem is Playstation has no competition so they can pretty much do what they like. Xbox is pretty much irrelevant outside of North America

  16. I can understand if people don't like seeing this sort of thing, thats why we choose what games we play. 😛

    What I really dont understand is WHY this is such a big deal to begin with….the main character literally wakes up a second later after the face scene to confirm that it was a DREAM. It was a metaphor to show the guilt she felt pretending to be her dead sister. Disturbing yes, but that was it's intended purpose. Besides, its not like cutting off faces and turning them into masks is new. Leatherface and joker did it ffs. It just seems cowardly to tamper with the authorial intent of the game like this.

  17. This is my problem with SOny they don't censor there games but other developers game, is a hypocritic. It's M rated game and its a horror game SONY.

  18. If sony sensors something like this the hope i had for a sony published silent hill game is out the window now..

  19. They could’ve done what Activision did in MW2 and add a skip feature for that certain part of the game. I feel this shouldn’t have to be censored in the console.

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