MAJORAS MASK Mini Games Are Impossible

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thanks for watching this episode of MAJORAS MASK! i hope you liked it!!

ok bro what was that octopus mini game oh my god theses no way, im gonna end up 99% this game instead cause that is just not possible im convinced. but on the bright side we finally got to see the frogs sing and my god it was beautiful.

thanks for being here ILY 🙂 hope you have a good day!!

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  1. Binkus does seem like the kind of child who would spend millions playing the crane game at the local arcade all the while hissing at normal people walking by.

  2. I'm actually on a wind waker playthrough on my own right now (on the og GameCube version) and I'm LOVING it, can't wait to see your playthrough

  3. That fucking octorok mini game. I hate it so much. Majora's Mask is my favorite game of all time but that I can never do and it stresses me out. I've done it a few times and the most dreaded part of a randomizer.

  4. Scoring a perfect score of 50 points in the Clock Town Shooting Gallery is hard to earn a Piece of Heart, but scoring 40 or more points does earn you a quiver upgrade. The rule of this game is to shoot the red Octorocks and not the blue ones, otherwise you will lose a precious few seconds on the clock.

  5. Quin, when you get the last mask DON'T use it with the last boss. Trust me. Last fight is 10x better if you use deku, goron and zora binkus

  6. You’re telling me twilight princess is prob your favorite but it’s not in your “my favorites” playlist?!?!?

  7. Ok I know this is random but dose anyone else wanna see quin play the 3D sonic games
    Like idk why I just think that would be fun to see

  8. the shooting games in Majoras Mask are actually legit so hard lol, whenever I play randomizer I disable the two archery minigames cause I hate doing them lol so I don't blame the struggle

  9. for the archery challenge, try resetting to the left durimg yhe transition so you can sweep left to right and hit em all. you kept starting center and having to double back to hit the guys on the left

  10. Love your videos – have you considered playing Banjo Kazooie? Another epic N64 game. On the same level as Mario 64 and Zelda I would say!

  11. You still need to kill the sewer spider from episode 1 to get revenge
    Never forget how you will utterly demolish the creature

  12. Finally someone cultured who can appreciate a water temple

    I beat the OoT water temple without help at age 7
    It’s not hard if you know where to go

    Same with MM water temple

  13. You should visit the sword master on the third day. Once during the day, and once during the final 5 minute countdown. Hes got some interesting dialogue

  14. I feel like any game Quin plays automatically becomes a well-written show. He just has this mystical power man…

  15. "He got back in the car" What kind of car would the Snapper be? LOL Same with horses since those would also be cars in Hyrule/Termina! Also the froggos are so adorable! One of my favourite hearts. Also pro controllers are a thing, I used to have one. Also… Good job with the "give me a break" mini game (the zora jar) you did it in the most awkward ways but still did it!

  16. Persona 5 Royal’s ending is impossibly well done! You should finish your playthrough soon so we can see it! 😀😀

  17. I suggest collecting the fairies first before the boss gauntlet up in the Ikana valley river

    And if you dare and want to experience one of the best final boss fights DON'T USE THE NEW THING YOU GET

  18. Quin the best way to make rupees is the zora mini game in great bay. I’m not sure if it’s in the n64 version but in the 3d version if you go to great bay and head in the direction to zora’s domain, on the beach there should be two zoras and five pots. Stand pretty far away and hit all pots with one throw (with the zora fins) you will get 90 rupees. Once you find the perfect angle and have the giant’s wallet you can make so many rupees really fast if you can’t find it then the minigame is only on the 3d version and I’m not sure how to get rupees fast, but anyways have a good rest of your day

    Edit: I wrote this comment in the middle of the video and didn’t see you trying this later, so ye keep doing what you did with the pot minigame. Also just a tip it’s better to throw your hands from the front, not the right side. That way you don’t have to move and can stay in the same spot without having to relocate yourself every time.

  19. My birthday has been really bad today but this made it better, thanks for bringing me out of the the darkness that is suicidal thoughts.

  20. My sisters hated the water dungeons, but I was like: “They’re fine?? I liked it!”
    To be fair though, when I was watching my older sister attempt the Great Bay Temple, she was trying to figure out how to get past this one obstacle of water. I knew she hated when I tried to tell her what to do, and I didn’t want her to get mad and tell me to leave, so I stayed quiet the whole time she tried to figure out which valve she missed. She ran through the whole temple before restarting the days. She went back and saw the water obstacle still there. She was frustrated and that’s when I finally, timidly asked if I could suggest something. She didn’t think I could know anything since I was ten and had never done that temple, but I said “What if you used ice arrows?”
    She stopped, tried the arrows, it worked, she shut off the game and didn’t try again. 😅

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