Majora's Mask but my viewers can TORTURE me

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  1. Hey scot, you ever plan on playing the "book of mario" mods for paper mario and paper mario the thousand year door?

  2. @ScottFalco I don't know why but if you keep up with this Rap Joke eventually it's going to come full circle and either your playing a Rhythm Based Game or Friday Night Funkin for video content

  3. Scott, I gotta say man, in another life, we'd be best friends. I was laughing my ass off man. Great stuff.

  4. I love how you calmly turned around after the magic meter was emptied again to go back to the great fairy. I laughed so hard.

  5. Uhhhh
    I’d say…
    Make the effects take place one at a time if they affect gameplay directly
    And two at a time if they affect you
    To, uh…
    Keep the video looking at least okay…

  6. I won't lie, CC is very cute in her own right. She seems just happy to be there, and she actually seemed to react to you saying "Fiddle-de-dee" as if you said the actual thing. Her cookie eating animation is cute too. My lungs felt like they were compressing at the bottled Milk & Fish bit.

  7. Why are Twitch chat such incredible sadists? And why do people willingly expose themselves to them like this? I truly do not know

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