MAGO: THE VILLAIN'S BURGER Walkthrough Gameplay – A Youtuber Made Game? (Prologue)

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Mago The Villain’s Burger let’s play! Thanks for checking out my Mago The Villain’s Burger gameplay. This is a Mago The Villain’s Burger playthrough and Mago The Villain’s Burger walkthrough. Make sure to watch out for my Mago The Villain’s Burger review and Mago The Villain’s Burger reaction videos on my main Youtube channel.

MabiVsGames plays Mago The Villain’s Burger
This was recorded/streamed on February 9th, 2022
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Check out the playlist for the complete Mago The Villain’s Burger walkthrough gameplay for the Mago The Villain’s Burger part 1, Mago The Villain’s Burger episode 1, and Mago The Villain’s Burger ep 1.

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⭐A nostalgic experience worth your time⭐
A classic magical adventure with beautiful pixel art and intuitive controls. Travel a vast world with many levels, mini-games, and secret locations!

⭐Unique areas to explore each with its own mechanics and challanges⭐
Hand-crafter levels, each with its own mechanics: from colorful teapot prairie, a humongous tree guarded by a fierce centipede, to ancient ruins of a mysterious civilization that rests on the back of a huge bird – this journey has it all!

⭐You get a wand. You also get a mecha!⭐
Use your magic wand to purify evil from the world, solve riddles by affecting your surroundings. Some levels allow you to use a powerful mecha robot. It’s time to show the villain’s enemies what you are made of (metal, mostly)!

⭐A great variety of bosses and enemies as well as collectibles to unlock⭐
Each level presents a different challenge, each boss – a new threat to overcome.
By collecting secret orbs in each level you unlock new items and improvements. Can you find them all?

⭐Chill in a beautiful town of Musicalia⭐
Looking to take a break? In the town of Musicalia you can buy new upgrades and meet interesting characters, some you might even recognize!

⭐An amazing soundtrack⭐
•Listen to a beautiful soundtrack brimming with nostalgia that will instantly bring back the nostalgia of the golden age of video games.

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