Mago: The Villain's Burger New Game Play (PC)

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What is going on gamers! Today we play Mago: The Villain’s Burger

Mago: The Villain’s Burger is a retro 2D platformer that puts us in the boots of a sorcerer, who was unfortunate enough to eat evil overlord’s food. Now he has to rescue his beloved princess from the dinner menu of the evil Gourmet! A classic magical adventure with beautiful pixel art and intuitive controls. Travel a vast world with many levels, mini-games, and secret locations!
The game feature Hand-crafter levels, each with its own mechanics: from colorful teapot prairie, a humongous tree guarded by a fierce centipede, to ancient ruins of a mysterious civilization that rests on the back of a huge bird – this journey has it all! And is all Free! Yes, Free to play on Steam!

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